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Why Did Jim Bob Duggar Say Something Is ‘Brewing’?

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If you’re a Duggar fan, you might know it’s been a while since we’ve seen any big news. There haven’t been any courtships announced. No weddings are being planned. As far as fans know, no one is pregnant. This comes as a shock to the family’s fans because there are 19 kids in the family. There should always be something happening, right?

Well, it isn’t clear what’s going on. Fans were especially excited about a big announcement coming soon. During the season finale of Counting On, Jim Bob Duggar dropped a major hint. He said, “There might be something else brewing.” There are a few possibilities that Jim Bob might’ve been referring to.

Is a Duggar courtship or wedding in the works?

It’s about time for another Duggar courtship to begin. There have been several hints about a possible courtship.

First, Lauren Caldwell was possibly at the family’s Christmas. She’s Kendra’s sister, and Kendra is married to Joe Duggar.

Next, Jeremiah Duggar might be courting a woman we haven’t met. He was recently at Josh Duggar’s birthday celebration at the bowling alley. In the background of one of Anna Duggar’s pictures, Jeremiah is chatting with a girl. Fans haven’t been able to identify her.

Finally, Jana was spotted with Lawson Bates recently. But, those rumors have been circulating for years, so who knows if it’s for real this time?

There are other kids who are of courting age who might be exploring their options. But, these are the ones that have been reported on so far. Once a courtship is announced, it’s only a matter of time before we hear wedding bells. The Duggar kids often have short courtships and engagements.

When will the next Duggar baby arrive?

Five babies have been born since May 2019, which limits the number of women who could be pregnant. Plus, Joy-Anna Forsyth lost a baby at 20 weeks gestation. As of right now, no one has announced a pregnancy. But, fans have been speculating about who might be pregnant and is just waiting to make an announcement.

Some fans think Joy-Anna is pregnant and that she’s waiting to make an announcement. It’s possible she wants to reach that 20-week mark before sharing the news, just to be cautious.

Other fans think Jinger Vuolo might be pregnant again soon. Her daughter will be two years old in July, so at this rate, the kids would be about two years apart. Jinger recently visited her family and there was some speculation that she went for an announcement.

Pretty soon, it will be possible for the women who gave birth in 2019 to get pregnant again. Of course, some might get pregnant sooner than others. Joe and Kendra Duggar seem to be having their kids close in age.

Jessa Seewald had her baby in May 2019, while the other babies were born in November and January. So, Jessa may get pregnant sooner.

But, who knows what each family’s plans are when it comes to expanding their families?

Could something bad be brewing?

Jim Bob didn’t specify whether something good or bad was brewing. He simply said that there’s something brewing. That could be either positive or negative. It’s possible he was hinting at the drama that has gone down between himself and Derick Dillard. Or, he could have been hinting at a big family announcement. Hopefully the announcement will come out soon, whether it’s good or bad.

Do you have any idea what Jim Bob meant when he said something was brewing? Some fans are confused because they thought something would’ve been announced by now. Share your thoughts about what that “something” might be.

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