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Duggar Fans Think They Know Why Jinger Isn’t Pregnant Yet

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For months, Duggar fans have been speculating that Jinger Vuolo is expecting her second child. At this point, no announcement has been made. This comes as a bit of a shock to fans because her daughter, Felicity, will be two in July. Typically, the family members have a lot of kids. And, the kids are usually close in age. But, it seems that Jinger and Jeremy are doing things a little bit different in regards to having kids.

Actually, they are branching out and living life in their own way. For example, the couple left Arkansas to live in Laredo, Texas shortly after they got married. Then, last summer, they moved to Los Angeles, California. Jinger wears pants, attends movie premieres, and more. Her parents, Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar, certainly wouldn’t do those things. But, Jinger seems to be making her own path for herself.

Still, fans have long been curious about a potential pregnancy. It seems odd to them that Jinger wouldn’t be pregnant yet. The speculation has been going on constantly with no response from Jinger. In recent photos, there doesn’t seem to be a hint of a baby bump, so fans are assuming that she’s not actually pregnant. Now, they think that they might’ve figured out why that is.

Did Duggar fans figure out why Jinger isn’t getting pregnant?

On a fan page, someone anonymously wrote, “I have a huge theory that the reason why Jeremy, and Jinger only have 1 child, and are taking their time with baby no. 2 is, because they want to stand out. Jeremy even stated that they’re the ‘breakout couple’. I feel like they really want baby no. 2, but since everyone is breeding like crazy in the family, that they’re waiting, as if they’re standing out.”

Why else might Jinger be waiting to get pregnant?

There could be other reasons that Jinger isn’t wanting to get pregnant yet. As many Duggar fans know, Jinger and Jeremy moved to Los Angeles, California so that Jeremy could go to the Master’s Seminary. So, since he’s busy with school, it may not be the best time. Plus, even though they seem comfortable in their new digs, they’re likely still warming up to the area.

Some fans have thought that Jinger might have infertility issues. This could be stopping her from getting pregnant. She could’ve had miscarriages, or she could be having a hard time getting pregnant at all. While some women are open about these struggles, not all of them want to be. If Jinger is struggling, she may keep it private.

Jinger and Jeremy might also want to wait and have their kids farther apart in age. They may be enjoying the one-on-one time with Felicity. Perhaps, in the large Duggar family, Jinger didn’t get a lot of alone time with her parents. She may want to do things differently with her own children. Plus, for a while now, fans have thought that Jeremy wants to have fewer kids than Jinger’s parents did. They may not be in any hurry to expand their family if they only want a few kids anyway.

What do you think of the latest theory from Duggar fans? Do you agree or disagree? Share your thoughts below.

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