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Duggar: Did Jinger Visit Her Family For An Announcement?

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TV Shows Ace reported that Jinger and Felicity Vuolo traveled from Los Angeles, California to Arkansas. This is where the rest of the Duggar family members live.

Jeremy had to skip this trip. It’s assumed that he’s working or going to classes at the Master’s Seminary, so he couldn’t leave Los Angeles.

TV Shows Ace reported that Jinger and her sisters got together a couple of times. They went out to breakfast one day. The next day, they enjoyed Panera and went shopping. From the pictures, it looks like everyone had a great time and was happy to be reunited.

Jinger heads on “last-minute trip”

When Jinger revealed that they were heading out of town, she called this a “last-minute trip”. Duggar fans have been wondering why Jinger might take a last-minute trip to visit her family, especially without her husband. This has led to fans speculating about what happened while Jinger was visiting.

Jinger could have been catching up with her family

It’s likely that Jinger and Felicity made the trip just to spend some time with the Duggar family. Since the Vuolos moved to Los Angeles, they haven’t been able to see the Duggar family very much. So, it’s possible that the timing just worked out for the family to get together.

Maybe Jinger found a good deal on plane tickets or maybe most of the Duggar women were free and would be able to get together if Jinger visited. The visit could have been for nothing more than to catch up with the family.

Is a Duggar courtship, marriage, or pregnancy in the works?

During the season finale of the most recent season of TLC’s Counting On, Jim Bob hinted at something that was “brewing”. That was as far as the hint went though. There hasn’t been a courtship, marriage, or pregnancy announcement for a while now. The most recent Duggar baby is Grace, who was born to John and Abbie in January.

Right now, no courtships, marriages, or babies are on the way. Well, they may be on the way, but none of the family members have revealed that to the world yet.

Duggar fans are speculating that Joy-Anna Forsyth is expecting thanks to a few photos taken while Jinger was in Arkansas. Perhaps, because Jinger was in town, she chose this time to announce a pregnancy.

For a while, there’s been some speculation that Jinger is pregnant. But, she wouldn’t go to Arkansas by herself to announce that she’s pregnant. So, even if she’s pregnant, she likely didn’t announce it to her family. This means that the rest of the world won’t be finding out anytime soon either.

If someone in the family announced something big, Duggar fans will likely find out soon.

The Duggar family could be filming Counting On

Another possibility is that the Duggar family reunited so they could film the new season of TLC’s Counting On. According to TV Shows Ace, the film crew already spent some time in Los Angeles with Jeremy and Jinger.

Without any announced courtships, marriages, or babies on the way, there’s little content for the show. Of course, the show may include things from the family members’ everyday lives, but there’s nothing big for the upcoming season. At least, that’s what it’s looking like so far

Jinger and Felicity could’ve flown to Arkansas to provide more exciting content for the upcoming season. It doesn’t match the excitement of a courtship, but it’s something.

Why do you think Jinger and Felicity flew to Arkansas? Do you think that some big news was announced? Share your thoughts below.

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