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Duggar: Jessa Seewald Mentions ‘Another Baby In The Future’

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Jessa Duggar Seewald talked about her children’s births in a recent YouTube video. TV Shows Ace reported this on Thursday. In the video, she gives details about her labors and births with each of her three children. Currently, she and her husband Ben have three kids, Spurgeon, 4, Henry, 3, and Ivy, 9 months. But, in her video, she mentions the possibility of another child at some point.

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Birth stories. Now up on my YouTube! Click the link in my bio to watch! . I’ve given birth naturally three times now. Natural birth doesn’t make me any more of a woman, nor do I think it’s the only way birth should be done. I have nothing against hospitals or epidurals— and in fact, I may give both a try if God were to bless us with another baby in the future. 😁 . . I thought it would be fun to share my birth stories with other mamas— including raw footage from all three births! Giving birth isn’t easy. It’s hard work. To be honest, I moan like a cow through nearly every contraction (I will spare you the audio). But every mother knows that feeling when the baby is delivered and laid on your chest for the first time. It’s a magical moment, and one that makes it all worth it. . There were fears to be worked through, but also humorous things to be laughed at (later— not in the moment). When I was in labor with Spurgeon, I told Ben we weren’t having any more kids. And I meant it. But it didn’t take long to change my mind. As the months went by, the memory of the intensity and pain faded. Our baby boy was just so cute and sweet, and pretty soon I started envisioning him as a big brother interacting with a little sibling. Before I knew it, that previous resolution was thrown out the window, and God graciously gave us another gift— Henry! Then a little over two years later, our baby girl Ivy was born.

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Jessa Duggar Seewald plans on more children

Because Jessa talked about having natural births at home, she felt the need to give her viewers a disclaimer. She said, “I have nothing against hospitals or epidurals— and in fact, I may give both a try if God were to bless us with another baby in the future. ” She seems optimistic about having more kids in the future.

It’s worth noting that Ben mentioned that he doesn’t want 19 kids like Michelle Duggar had. It’s unlikely that they will have nearly that many kids based on what Ben said. But, who knows how many they’ll have exactly.

Duggar fans think it’s only a matter of time before Jessa announces she’s pregnant again. But, the couple may choose to stop having kids before too long.

Jessa told Ben they would only have one child

Jessa reflected on the time when she was giving birth to her first son, and she shared that she had told her husband Ben that they wouldn’t be having any more children. The experience was not a positive one, which made her question having more children. She was able to move past that though and has had two kids since that bad experience. Based on what the Duggar daughter shared, it seems like her other labors and deliveries were easier than the first one.

When might the Duggar daughter have another child?

All of Jessa’s kids were born in odd-numbered years. Spurgeon was born in 2015, Henry was born in 2017, and Ivy was born in 2019. So, if all goes as planned, the next baby will be born in 2021. It’s unclear how much control the Duggar kids have over their pregnancies though. The family doesn’t necessarily believe in birth control, but it’s possible the grown kids have made their own decisions for themselves.

When Spurgeon and Henry were born less than two years apart from each other, Jessa said she hoped to have larger gaps in the future. There’s a bigger gap between Henry and Ivy.

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Baby girl. 💞

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If they want to have a baby in 2021, Jessa might try to get pregnant within the next few months. But, she has until March 2021 to conceive if she wants her baby to be born in 2021. So, an announcement could come soon, or it could be a year away. That is, if they’re aiming for a 2021 baby. Otherwise, there’s no way of knowing when they’ll have their next baby.

What do you think? Is Jessa going to have another child soon, or will she wait a little while? Share your thoughts below.

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