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‘Seeking Sister Wife’ Season 3 Episode 4 Recap: April 12

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Last week on Seeking Sister Wife, the Merrifields headed to Mexico to reunite with Roberta after a year apart. Garrick will spend the entire trip in Roberta’s room while Dannielle will have her own room next door to them. The Winders are preparing for baby number two while courting a potential new sister wife, Kimberley. They have asked her to come to visit and she agreed. This is the first person they’ve been serious about since their second wife, Sophie. Tosha and Sidian went to a bar to look for prospects and left with the bartender’s number. Finally, the Snowdens said goodbye to Christeline but another lady is on her way to town.

Seeking Sister Wife Heads To Mexico With The Merrifields

Seeking Sister Wife Credit: TLC
Credit: TLC

Though Garrick and Roberta were supposed to spend the night alone together, it did not work out that way. Roberta was concerned about Dannielle so she went to go get her. Dannielle apparently tried to decline the invite but Roberta would not take no for an answer. They ended up all piling into one bed together and talking all night. Garrick claims the women have such a deep connection and missed each other after the year apart.

It appeared Roberta and Garrick would not be able to have intimate time the first night because of Dannielle’s presence. However, Garrick makes it clear they snuck some loving in while his ex-wife ran to gather her stuff for the night. He cannot stop laughing as he recalls the story to the producer, especially when she asks if Dannielle knows about this and he nods “no.”

The day must start for the family as they are going to look at wedding venue options. Dannielle just hopes it all goes smoothly.

The Clarks Try To Reconnect

Kaleh left the family around a month ago after a dispute over cleaning the microwave. It seems Jarod and Vanessa were looking for a maid more than a sister wife. Vanessa told Kaleh she wanted her back in the home and family but she could not leave this time. Jarod has come home and is asking Vanessa what happened when she spoke to Kaleh. He admits he is not happy with all the decisions Kaleh has made so he will call a tribal meeting. They will discuss everything then he will play judge and jury because he is the King.

When Kaleh left, she picked up extra work and is able to make ends meet on her own. He respects this but does not feel it contributes to the tribe. She needs fewer jobs and more love for the family with Vanessa agreeing. Kaleh comes over and it is time for them to have the talk. They all say they love each other and he understands she works but he adds she needs to be with her family.

Kaleh snaps that she is always at work but when she left, she needed to be able to provide for herself. He feels she did not have to lift a finger before she left. She feels like she will never be good enough for Jarod but tells him he is not a saint. Kaleh ends up storming out and tells Jarod he needs to stop acting as if he saved her.

A Seeking Sister Wife Baby and Christeline Heads Out

Seeking Sister Wife Credit: TLC
Credit: TLC

Sophie and Tami are shopping for Sophie’s baby boy and Tami is giving her sister wife post-natal advice. Their relationship has expanded greatly now that they live in one house. Before they were more like friends and now they can actually be a family. Tami is actually trying to get pregnant again but has had several miscarriages. She had to learn how to be happy for Sophie while being happy for herself. Tami and Colton are seeing a doctor and she is starting some new medications. Sophie is hopeful they can have a ton of kids.

As for the Snowdens, Christeline is heading back to South Africa. Dimitri and Ashley worry about the distance and that she will lose her spark for them. Christeline misses her kids but she feels so alone so far away. She wants to bring her kids to California to meet the Snowdens. Additionally, she is ready to tell her family she is interested in this lifestyle. Not too much time to be sad though because another potential sister wife, Tayler, will be coming to town very soon.

Sophie’s Baby Shower

Tami is really excited because she was able to get everyone together for Sophie’s baby shower. Even those who don’t support plural marriage showed up. She does admit it has been hard struggling with infertility while Sophie’s been pregnant. Yet, she reminds herself this is Sophie’s first baby and it is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Sophie’s grandmother was not raised as a polygamist but entered the lifestyle as an adult. She admits it is very hard and you need the right combination.

There are a lot of questions from the family about how the kids will be raised and such. Then, someone asks about Kimberley. Sophie’s mom is super skeptical since they just got a new house and have a baby coming along. Her grandma says they had a sister wife who wanted to try the life. She would marry in, have a baby and then decide it was not for her. Ultimately, she would take the baby and leave so this is a fear presented to Sophie and Tami.

As for the baby name, it will be a decision made between Colton and Sophie and not a family decision. Tami gives Sophie a personal baby gift- a knitted baby blanket so it shows she is trying to make it work. It is reiterated how hard this life is and it is not for everyone.

Where Do The Clarks Stand On Seeking Sister Wife?

Seeking Sister Wife Credit: TLC
Credit: TLC

Kaleh wants to leave and she is in the car, ready to go. Vanessa goes outside to find out what happened and tells her she wants her to come inside. She admits Jarod can make someone really mad. Vanessa also knows Kaleh does not believe they really do love her. She needs them to fix what is broken so Kaleh comes back inside. He asks if she really believes all that she was saying to him outside.

Jarod wants to know if she will put more time into the family. She explains she works a double so won’t be over the next day until later on in the evening. Her biggest concern is not being able to take care of herself in the long run if she leaves the family. She asks Jarod if she can have a kiss or is she not worthy. He cannot believe she is actually asking this of him. Jarod says he’s all good so she deems herself not worthy and leaves the home, mad and upset.

Another Potential Sister Wife For The Snowdens

Christeline has left and the Snowdens already miss her. They are eager to get her back so they can meet her kids and see how everyone meshes. Luckily, there has been plenty of talking and texting since she returned to South Africa. Plus, another potential sister wife is on her way to visit. Tayler is twenty-nine and a henna artist. Unlike Christeline, she has no children but this is her first plural relationship. Dimitri was nervous at first because he wondered if they were doing too much. The Snowdens did introduce the women so there is full transparency.

Tayler has arrived and the kids immediately love her. She always held the belief people aren’t possessions so polygamy is not an odd concept even if she has not lived it yet. Tayler notes the baby gate but says they can take it down because she wants to have the kids around her. Ashley notes she is much the opposite of Christeline as she commands attention. Christeline is far more reserved.

Ashley’s biggest concern is that Tayler is a single woman. How will she adapt to all of the kids around her especially if Christeline joins the family? Can she adapt?

Planning Roberta and Garrick’s Wedding

Once Roberta’s K-1 visa is approved, she and Garrick will have 90 days to get married. They have chosen to marry in Mexico because most of her family is in Brazil. Thus, they will only need their passports to come to the wedding. It is becoming increasingly hard for Dannielle to plan the wedding now that she and Garrick are officially divorced. He mentions who he will have in his wedding party and she suggests someone. Garrick dismisses her and it visibly hurts her.

Looking at the venues, Dannielle is wondering if their wedding meant as much. She feels this is a uniting of their family, even if she is only the maid of honor at the occasion. Dannielle tells the wedding planner they are a plural family though Garrick gets awkward at the comment. This is the life Dannielle claims she still wants to live but she has fears now that they are officially divorced. She worries Roberta and Garrick’s feelings towards her will change and steps away from filming.

Next time on Seeking Sister Wife, the Snowdens get to know Tayler more to see if she is right for their family. Kaleh and Jarod talk it out but can they find a resolution? COVID threatens to ruin Tosha and Sidian’s search for a sister wife but he has already met a new lady. Finally, Roberta shares a secret with Dannielle that could ruin the whole Mexico trip. Watch it Mondays on TLC and discovery+.







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