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Why Colton Underwood Won’t Talk About Cassie Randolph Anymore

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Don’t expect to hear the dirty details of Colton Underwood and Cassie Randolph’s breakup. At least, not from him. He’s said all he has to say on the topic of their failed romance. Or so he claims in a shocking new interview about his coming out. 

Colton Underwood & Cassie Randolph’s Drama-Filled Romance

Who can forget Colton Underwood famously jumping over a fence for Cassie Randolph on The Bachelor? What was once thought of as romantic later seemed creepy in light of their tumultuous breakup. 

The former couple met during Season 23 of the ABC dating show. She was the frontrunner for Underwood’s affection. But she chose to self-eliminate before the finale. That resulted in the dramatic fence-hopping incident. Distraught over Randolph leaving, Colton Underwood jumped a fence and ran off into the night. He would later return. She would return as well, after he begged for another chance. 

They dated for over a year before splitting up in May 2020. The breakup seemed friendly until a few months later when Randolph filed a restraining order against her ex. She alleged that Underwood was stalking her, including putting a tracking device on her car. 

However, the restraining order was dropped a month later. Neither has spoken in detail about the incidents leading up to the restraining order. 

Colton Underwood did have something to talk about last month on Good Morning America. 

Underwood Came Out as Gay Last Month

The former football player was open on the franchise about his virginity. In fact, the network dubbed him as the “Virgin Bachelor” during his run on the show. But he shocked everyone last month when he announced that he was gay. 

Rumors about his sexuality had been going around for years, but he always denied them. During the interview with Robin Roberts, he briefly touched on his troubled past with Cassie Randolph. 

He issued an apology to her and said that his behavior was a series of “bad choices.” 

In a new interview, he spoke about her for what he hopes is the last time. 

Why He Won’t Talk About Her Anymore

Colton Underwood faced a lot of backlash after coming out. Fans don’t care that he’s gay, but weren’t happy that he didn’t take more responsibility for his actions. 

At the time of the interview, he said the global pandemic gave him time to reflect and that’s why he came out. But in a new interview with Variety, he reveals a much darker reason. He was allegedly blackmailed into coming out after photographed at a gay spa. 

Underwood admits that his public coming out has shined new light on his breakup with Randolph. According to Variety, the exes have a “joint agreement” limiting what they can say. 

However, Underwood wants to clear the air that he never physically abused Randolph. He does admit that his behavior was “so wrong.” He explains that he was trying to keep control of his “fantasy” as a straight man. 

But “out of respect to her,” he doesn’t want her name brought up every time he talks to the press. Additionally, he hopes that the interview with Variety is “the last time” he talks about her. 

What Has She Said? 

For her part, Cassie Randolph has kept her silence about Colton Underwood.. mostly. Variety notes that she declined to comment for their article. She did briefly address Underwood in a YouTube video. 

It seems that both Cassie Randolph and Colton Underwood have moved on with their lives. In fact, Randolph has been dating someone new for a while. In the new interview, Underwood reveals that he is currently single, but was previously on the Grindr app. 

Netflix cameras have been following Colton Underwood’s coming out journey. The streaming giant has yet to reveal details, but the project will premiere later this year. Upset fans are petitioning to get Netflix to scrap the project because of Underwood’s past behavior. Netflix has yet to comment on the petition. 

Do you think Colton Underwood should stop responding to questions about his ex? Share your thoughts in the comments below. 

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