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‘Seeking Sister Wife’ Winder Family Call It Quits At TLC?

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We have sad news for fans of the Winder family from Seeking Sister Wife. The plural family shared on social media that they have quit the TLC show. What happened? Is this another nail in the coffin for the embattled reality show??

Update: The family has edited their post to reflect a bit of a different story. You can read more here

Winder Family Well-Liked by Fans

Viewers of the TLC show about plural marriages first met the Winders during Season 2. At the time, the plural family was a family of four: Colton Winder, his wives Tami and Sophie, plus a daughter with Tami. 

The small family expanded by Season 3, with Sophie giving birth to a son. Additionally, they hoped to add another wife to the mix. Throughout Season 3, viewers saw as the Winders tried to make it work with Kimberely. 

The Winders were one of the least problematic plural couples on Seeking Sister Wife. The Snowden family is facing scrutiny after allegations of domestic violence. Christeline Petersen accused Dimitri and Ashley Snowden of abuse, though she later dropped the restraining order against Dimitri.

However, a fan of the show created a petition asking for TLC to remove the Snowdens from Seeking Sister Wife. Read more about the petition here. Unfortunately, it seems that Winders are the ones leaving instead of the Snowdens. 

Winder Family Announces They Quit Seeking Sister Wife 

Credit: Winder Family/Instagram
Credit: Winder Family/Instagram

Season 3 of Seeking Sister Wife may not be over for viewers, but it is for the Winders. They took to social media platforms to announce that they are quitting the show. According to the posts, their last episode aired on Monday, June 1. 

As our recap notes, viewers saw Kimberely leave without joining the Winders as the family’s third wife. Colton just didn’t feel that ‘click’ with her. In a long missive, the Winders dropped the shocking news that they are done with the show. “This chapter of “Seeking Sister Wife” is closed for us with last night’s episode,” the post read. What else did they say?

Winders Deny Joining TLC Show For Fame or Finding Another Wife

According to the Winders, fans of the show have the wrong idea about their intentions. Their social media post about their exit revealed the true reasons for joining reality television. It wasn’t for fame, nor were they trying to “find another wife.” After all, they could have done that with or without the show, they note. 

The intentions were “twofold,” the post states. For one, they wanted to show a plural family in a positive light. Secondly, they hoped to change the Utah law banning plural marriages. 

Credit: Winder Family/Instagram
Credit: Winder Family/Instagram

Were they successful in either of those endeavors? They “don’t know for sure.” However, the law in Utah was changed while they were filming Season 2 of the show.

In fact, the stars of Sister Wives, another TLC show about plural marriage, celebrated Utah decriminalizing polygamy. 

What Does the Future Hold for the Winders?

Viewers of Seeking Sister Wife felt immense disappointment that things didn’t work out with Kimberely and the Winders. But the family isn’t giving up on the idea of eventually finding a third wife. Nor are they shutting the door to “other projects” that may end up on television. 

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With the Winders leaving and the Snowdens under fire, it remains to be seen if TLC chooses to go forward with Season 4. 

Fans of the Winders expressed their sadness over the family leaving the reality show. Share your thoughts on the shocking news in the comments below. Follow the Winders on Instagram for future updates on their plural family.

Tune in to more episodes of Seeking Sister Wife Mondays on TLC. 

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