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Fans Drag Todd Chrisley For Ignoring His ‘Beautiful’ Daughter Lindsie 

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Chrisley Knows Best fans took notice of Todd Chrisley’s New Year’s Day post lacking love for Lindsie Chrisley. In fact, some wondered if she was one of the “ass clowns” he referred to in the caption. We previously reported he included photos of every member of his family minus Lindsie. He tagged everyone by Lindsie. Likewise, he and his wife Julie rang in the new year with an applause. This was after he kissed the year 2020 goodbye with his other daughter Savannah.

Todd Chrisley gets dragged in the comments of his New Year’s post

Now, Savannah Chrisley loved the caption of the post. She jestingly coined it as “caption of the year.” His son Kyle also took to the comments to gush about his love for his father. Beyond these two comments of admiration, however, the mood of the comment section flipped. It become clear his followers were NOT happy with him. He was dragged. Dragged for forgetting about his “beautiful” daughter Lindsie. Would it have been so hard for him to include her in the photos? Fans didn’t seem to think so.

“Where’s the love for [Lindsie]?” One follower asked in a comment liked nearly three dozen times. The comment also accumulated over a dozen replies. Here’s what other followers had to say:

  • “yes so childish to shade your own daughter.”
  • “Right? People act like they’re gonna live forever. Sometimes you don’t get tomorrow to make things right.”
  • “he’s being petty Betty leaving out [Lindsie]- even if they’re at odds. Your baby is always your baby.”

Another individual penned in a comment also liked nearly three dozen times: “Don’t you have another daughter? They are all beautiful.” The comment also accumulated just as many replies. Here are a few of them:

  • “he does, and this post was childish not including her. Your child is your child no matter what. @toddchrisley forgetting someone?”
  • “yes he does & this is super rude not including her- even if they’re at odds. Your child is your child forever & God forbid anything ever happens to her- he’ll feel terrible he treated her like this. It costs NOTHING to be kind…(even if it’s not reciprocated!)”

Now, there was a little love and support for him

Fortunately, not everyone wanted to hang Todd out to dry. Some were quick to defend him. They insisted Todd was not the one choosing to leave his daughter out of posts like this. Fans claimed Todd has explained during a podcast that Lindsie asked him to stop mentioning her or posting about her. If this is true… Todd not including her isn’t throwing shade. Instead, he’s respecting her wishes.

Is Todd Chrisley Allowed To Mention Lindsie On Instagram?

There were others who felt people should just mind their own families. Likewise, they thought some should quit trying to stir the pot. Chances are good Todd would have been dragged for including her as well. After all, a lot of Chrisley Knows Best fans don’t even like Lindsie.

Does it surprise you he still gets so much heat for not including Lindsie Chrisley in posts like this? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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