Todd & Julie Chrisley Ring In The New Year With An Applause

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Todd and his beautiful wife Julie Chrisley ring in the new year with a round of applause. The official Chrisley Knows Best Instagram account shared a photo of Todd and Julie with huge smiles on their faces as they were midway through an applause. Their daughter/granddaughter Chloe was also in the photo. But, her smile was not nearly as big as theirs. They looked to be at some sort of school function based on the art on the wall in the background.

Todd and Julie Chrisley embrace the new year

In the caption of the Instagram post, Todd and Julie Chrisley took a moment to celebrate the year 2021 finally being here. Likewise, they followed up by wishing all of their friends, family members, and fans a happy New Year’s Day.

The photo featured the Chrisley Knows Best couple looking as incredible as always. Julie was rocking a gorgeous long sleeve leopard print black and tan shirt. She paired the top well with a pair of black bottoms. Because of where the photo cut off… It was hard to tell if these were pants or a skirt.

Todd rocked a gorgeous light blue top with a button up white long sleeve sweatshirt. Todd opted to keep the sweater unbuttoned to show off how well it paired with the light blue undershirt. Adding a bit of contrast to his ensemble, he went with black bottoms as well. His light and bright outfit certainly looked great standing next to the darker stylish outfit his gorgeous wife was rocking.

The photo was well-received by fans of the series

This photo was presumably a clip from an episode of Chrisley Knows Best. But, fans didn’t mind the recycled content. In fact, they just appreciated seeing this beautiful couple. And, wanted it to be clear how much they loved this family. The photo accumulated nearly 10,000 likes and just shy of 200 comments inside of 12 hours. Likewise, here’s some of what fans had to say.

“You are the highlight of my day Love love you all !! I have binge watched and now I’m finally on the 7th season !! Stay safe and healthy,” one individual gushed.

Todd Chrisley Instagram

Many others opted to keep it simple wishing the family a Happy New Year. Some just flooded the comment section with emojis instead. There was a lot of love in the comments of this Instagram post. Everyone was ready to celebrate the new year with Todd and Julie.

Happy New Year, everyone!

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