Val Chmerkovskiy Gets Candid On “Stripping Down” On Tour

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After initially canceling their 2021 tour, fans are really excited to see that Maks and Val Chmerkovskiy are touring again. The new show is known as the “Maks & Val: Stripped Down Tour” and plans to appear in several cities across the country. E! recently caught up with Val to discuss the process thus far.

Val Chmerkovskiy gets candid about “stripping down” on stage this year

The “stripped down” title is definitely a play on words. This year’s tour is smaller than normal, but the brothers chose to play around with it anyway. Val clarified the meaning to E!

“A lot of it is stripped down creatively, in the sense that it’s a much more intimate experience,” Val Chmerkovskiy said in an exclusive interview with the publication. “It’s just the two of us. We have two incredible female dancers coming with us, but it’s a two-man show. It’s an hour and a half of theatre, comedy, dance, spoken word. It’s just a really feel-good evening and we feel really grateful that we’re going to be the first act a lot of people are going to go out to theatre for.”

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The brothers’ fans know that the two appeared together on Dancing With The Stars for years. But each performance is a special bonding opportunity for both Maks and Val.

“I don’t think we could bond beyond the bond we already have,” Val continued. “It’s just about strengthening that bond. To be able to collaborate with someone that has been my partner on stage for close to 30 years, it’s crazy…At first, it was great to perform together. Then, it became a feeling of finding my own individuality and now it’s come full circle where I realized how special it is to be able to share the stage with my brother.”

Even though the brothers do take their shirts off, they also confirmed in other interviews it will be a family-friendly show overall.

What’s next for the brothers?

The “Stripped Down” tour concludes on August 21 in Tampa. So what happens after that?

Dancing With The Stars returns to ABC on September 20. ABC hasn’t put out a cast list yet, but Val Chmerkovskiy hopes he will return this year. He also hopes the live studio audience will come back too.

“I’ve never taken our audience for granted, but this last season was a shadow of itself because of that element being gone,” Val told TV Insider. “I love the congregation. I love the gathering and getting together. What we create [is] one part and the other is the audience to share it with.”

No one is sure whether or not that will be possible yet, but fans can always hope. Be sure to follow Maks and Val Chmerkovskiy on social media for the latest updates on their lives.

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