Seeking Sister Wife Credit: The Clark Family Instagram

‘Seeking Sister Wife’ Kaleh Marley’s Baby Almost Here!

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The countdown is on for the arrival of Kaleh Marley’s baby girl. The former Seeking Sister Wife star has just eight weeks left of her pregnancy. She does not show off her growing bump much on social media. Yet, when she does, she looks great. Her baby registry is also filled with goodies every first-time mother needs.

Coming Into Her Own Post-Seeking Sister Wife?

Seeking Sister Wife Credit: Kaleh Instagram
Credit: Kaleh Marley Instagram

Kaleh did not necessarily fit in with her plural family on the TLC reality series. She started dating Jarod Clark when they met at a club. He and his wife, Vanessa were looking to build a kingdom where he was the king and his women were queens. Unfortunately, Kaleh struggled to fit the mold they wanted for her. At the beginning of Season 3, the family was moving into a new home. She was helping them but shared she had been living separately.

Her role was to be the caretaker of the kids and be at home. Vanessa and Jarod had four children and full-time jobs. For Kaleh, this was not the life she dreamed of living. She got to the point where she started to work two jobs so she would never have to rely on anyone for anything. This became an issue for the Clarks. They did not feel she was spending enough time with the family. She agreed to keep living her life. Yet, she would make time for family.

As soon as COVID hit, that went out the window. Moreover, Kaleh opted to quarantine elsewhere as she did not want to give up her job with the public. She became increasingly harder to reach. After two years, the Clarks and Kaleh decided to part ways. They tried to pursue new relationships but Kaleh would always be their first sister wife. While the season was still airing, Kaleh shocked viewers when she revealed she was pregnant. Now, she is ready to pop.

Due Date Fast Approaching

Seeking Sister Wife Credit: Kaleh Marley Instagram
Credit: Kaleh Marley Instagram

Kaleh has yet to delve into who the father of her baby girl is. The big question was if it could be Jarod. It does not look that way. Starcasm was able to capture a quick glimpse of the mama-to-be posting her eight-week left countdown. She also has a lengthy Amazon baby registry with her due date listed as August 30, 2021.

Kaleh is still living in North Carolina and only 8/128 of the items listed have been purchased. She’s listed a swaddle, a baby bottle warmer, and a ton of baby clothing. Hopefully, she will get all she needs within the next two months. The biggest issue viewers had with the Clarks was it seemed they were using Kaleh as a nanny/maid. Finally, she is free to be a mother of her own accord.

Are you looking forward to seeing Kaleh’s bundle of joy when the time comes? Would you want to see the Clarks on a new season of Seeking Sister Wife if it returns? Let us know in the comments.





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