Seeking Sister Wife Credit: Kaleh Instagram

‘Seeking Sister Wife’ Kaleh Expecting A Baby?

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Looks like Kaleh is moving on from Jarod and Vanessa Clark. The former Seeking Sister Wife cast member is expecting her first child. She shared the news in her Instagram stories earlier today. The self-proclaimed yogi is seen holding her expanding belly. Later in the story, she thanks all of her supporters and new followers for their continued support. She is also wearing a very large ring though no details are known who the father is or if she is engaged.

Kaleh and Seeking Sister Wife

Viewers first met Kaleh in Season 3 of TLC’s hit series Seeking Sister Wife. She was introduced alongside her “King” Jarod and his wife, Vanessa. Together, they were building a kingdom. Jarod had met Kaleh two years prior when they were working at a club. She fit seamlessly in with the family and the Clarks’ four children.

The family was in the process of moving into a new home. Fans criticized Jarod for being lazy and watching his wives or “queens” as he referred to them do all the heavy lifting. It was soon revealed Kaleh had moved out a month prior and would not be living in the home. There had been some struggles, mainly Kaleh wanting to work more. The Clarks wanted her home with kids.

It appeared she was viewed as a nanny or a maid and not a wife. Eventually, she got into a heated argument with Jarod. She did not feel like he valued her and treated her poorly. Kaleh was working two jobs so she could support herself. He did not feel she needed to do that. She agreed to spend more time at the home and they reconciled.

The Final Straw

Seeking Sister Wife Credit: Kaleh Instagram
Credit: Kaleh Instagram

When COVID hit North Carolina, a stay-at-home order was put into place. The Clarks asked Kaleh to come quarantine with them. She refused to stop working her very public job. They could not risk her getting the kids sick so they quarantined apart. It became increasingly hard for Jarod to get in touch with her. Finally, they decided it would be best to part ways. This was very hard for Vanessa because she had grown accustomed to Kaleh being around.

The Clarks have since moved on. They just went on a date with Jarod’s good friend Emily. Unfortunately, she was not a good fit. Jarod felt she was too young and did not like her explorative nature. It was too reminiscent of Kaleh. He and Vanessa want someone who knows what they are looking for. Their search continues as does the season.

As for Kaleh, it looks like she has found what she wanted. She is expecting and glowing. Only two posts are on her page but she shares many highlights. Her vibe is shedding toxicity. She also is grateful to everyone who found her and supports her. Jarod and Vanessa have yet to comment on the pregnancy. However, if there is a tell-all, it will be talked about. What are your thoughts on Kaleh’s pregnancy?

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