Seeking Sister Wife Winder family normal day-to-day of polygamists

‘Seeking Sister Wife’ Winders Share A Day In The Life Of True Polygamists

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Seeking Sister Wife Sophie Winder showcases a normal day for a polygamist family. in a recent Facebook post. With all the drama from all of the other families TLC features on Seeking Sister Wife, oftentimes fans find the Winders to be a breath of fresh air. Not only that, fans regularly comment that the Winder family is the only family that chose this lifestyle for the “right reasons”

Seeking Sister Wife family seems like they’re the fan-favorites

Of all the families on this season of Seeking Sister Wife, it appears that the Winders are the only family that partakes in the polygamist lifestyle for the right reasons. At one point, the family made a social media post that had fans concerned that they were leaving the show. Consequently, the fear that they may be leaving makes sense. This is because, they decided to not proceed with bringing a third potential sister-wife, Kimberly, into the family.

Luckily, the Winder family later confirms that they aren’t done with Seeking Sister Wife. Furthermore, the family continues to be active on social media. Ultimately, this gives fans an inside look into a normal day for a polygamist family. Fans feel like they are honest and sincere with their intentions, and they really appreciate that from the Winders.

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Sophie Winder shows a day in the life of a polygamist family with a major shout-out to her sister-wife, Tami

Recently, Sophie Winder shares a series of photos on Facebook. These photos depict the normal day-to-day life of a polygamist family. Notably, it is apparent without the caption. However, the heartfelt caption tops everything off nicely. Basically, the caption explains how Sophie raises children with Tami. This is because they are raising their children as part of one, cohesive family unit.

“This is my Sisterwife with her kids. And me with mine. And us with our kid,” begins the lengthy caption. “Can you tell whose is whose?” inquires the mother. Then, she explains what things are like raising children together. We work hard to make a life together and raise our children as siblings. We talk to each other about our children’s schedules, about parenting.” After that Sophie explains how she and Tami operate as a team. “I take the kids to swim class, Tami leads them in Sunday school. We are a great team.”

The conclusion of this post evidences how genuine this family is about their lifestyle. “We are a great team. I love my life, and my Sisterwife, that’s all…” writes Sophie. Consequently, the fans love this post. One of them writes, “This is a real and natural family. Love them.”

What do you think about Sophie Winder and her showing the day in the life of a polygamist family? Are the WInders your favorite Seeking Sister Wife family? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below. Make sure to come back to TV Shows Ace for more Seeking Sister Wife news.

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