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‘Seeking Sister Wife’ Season 3 Premiere Recap: March 22

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After a delayed premiere, Season 3 of Seeking Sister Wife is finally here. The Snowden and Winder families are back for another round. Three new families are joining them in the search for love and a new sister wife. Last year, only the Snowdens had a happy ending. However, that was short-lived as their chosen wife, Vanessa left after their “wedding” ceremony. This time they have two women they are courting. Will Ashley make them go through the same trials as she did Vanessa? What struggles will the new couples encounter? Season 3 is finally here!

Warning: Article contains spoilers from the Seeking Sister Wife Season 3 Premiere 

Meet the Merrifields On Seeking Sister Wife

A new couple this year are the Merrifields from Colorado. Garrick and Dannielle have been married for thirteen years and met in church. They have two sons, 11 and 10 whom they homeschool. God is the center of their world. The family is Christian. Two years ago, they decided to live a polygamist lifestyle. Living this way is a great way to follow Christ, or so they believe.

Initially, Dannielle was not too thrilled about the idea of polygamy. But, she just continued to pray on it. She saw her kids would have more love and another mother figure. This is when Garrick moved forward. They found Roberta on a polygamy dating site. They’ve been courting for a year and four months. She, too, is new to polygamy. She is from Brazil, only speaking Portuguese. Roberta is nervous because of the language barrier. But, the Merrifield’s feel confident she is the one. They need an app to translate what she is saying.

An attempt to get a visa was hard, so they met her in Mexico. Her mother came as well as the Merrifield’s sons. There was to be no intimacy unless she was the one. On the second night, Garrick proposed. That led to intimacy. Dannielle cried, but she knew that was how it was supposed to be. Additionally, Roberta loves the boys. So, that helps. But, the only way to get Roberta to America is for Garrick to legally marry her. So, that means he has to get a divorce. There will be jealousy and some big changes.

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The Snowdens Are Back and Address Vanessa

Back for a third season, the Snowdens have not had the best luck so far. They have been married for over a decade but want to live a plural life. Their kids range from three to eight. Family is what propels them into the polygamist lifestyle. It has been a ten-year-long search for the right sister wife and two years ago, they met Vanessa. She moved to LA with them and they proposed to her. The wedding was beautiful with Dimitri and Ashley renewing their vows. It was a dream but that ended fast.

Vanessa went to Seattle on a birthday trip and they believe it gave her pause to think about the lifestyle. She decided to end the union via text and Ashley was blindsided, especially by the method. Vanessa returned with her mom and sister and packed up all of her stuff and left. They know where she is but that is it. The Snowdens have been through breakups before. But, this was marriage… So, it was both embarrassing and heartbreaking.

Not in a rush, they took over a year to heal. Now that they’ve healed, they have a girlfriend from South Africa named Kristaline, 32. She has two kids. They met on social media and have been communicating for five months. Though they have never met, she will be coming to visit in a few days. This is all new to Kristaline. She has never been to America or in a plural union. So, it could change everything.

Seeking Sister Wife Introduces The Joneses

The Jones family has a unique dynamic. From Idaho, Tosha is actually Sidian’s second wife. But, she has now assumed the role of wife number one. There are three kids (ages 7-12) in the family from Sidian’s past relationships but only two live with them. The couple met at Tosha’s work and he immediately caught her eye but he was already married at the time. He was honest about being married and was attracted to her, as well. To be honest, he and his wife were looking to bring on another wife.

When Sidian told Tosha he was a polygamist, she thought it was a joke. But the more he talked about it, the more she embraced the family idea. Eventually, she met his wife who is the mother of his youngest children. It was a very accepting relationship and three months later, Tosha moved in. It was very easy and at night, Sidian would switch off where he would sleep as the women had their own rooms. Soon, his first wife questioned if this lifestyle was right so Tosha left to give them space.

It was very hard for her because she lost her family and was lonely. She never thought she’d come back to the family. Ultimately, Sidian’s first wife left the marriage and he felt so lonely. He also had to explain to his kids why both their moms left. Tosha started coming around to help and realized they were meant to be. As they healed, they decided to explore polygamy again.

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Meet The Clark Family

The Clark Family is from North Carolina and new to the series. Jarod, Kaleh, and Vanessa make up the Clarks and it appears to be moving day for them. He wants to be closer to his job as he is a special needs teacher, coach, and personal trainer. Jarod has been legally married to Vanessa for ten years now. They have four kids from 2 to 13 and Jarod met Vanessa when he was in the military.

The family practices a different form of polygamy where he is the king and has his queens. He introduced the lifestyle three years ago to Vanessa and she said no. She believed it was all for him and there were no benefits for him. But she realized it would give her someone to have her back and that solidified it for her. Three and a half months later, Jarod met Kaleh. She loves this life because it feels like she is never alone and she has always been a free-spirit. It was a natural meshing and a few weeks later, Kaleh moved in.

Currently, Kaleh is on the outs with the family. Jarod does not feel she is acting like the queen she could and should be. This is common but it is hard to get back in order.

Seeking Sister Wife Struggles With The Merrifields

The Merrifields are preparing their divorce papers so Roberta can come to America on a fiancee visa. Dannielle’s family has had a lot of questions about whether or not she would be taken care of. Some of their family has disowned them and questioned Dannielle’s sexuality. But, this is the life they have been called to and will go forward. Divorce has been in the back of their minds because of private struggles but this is very different. Dannielle is just feeling off and sad. She fears he will run off with Roberta and leave her with nothing.

Ashley and Dimitri Snowden are going to pick up Kristaline at the airport. She is flying in from South Africa but it is still a struggle. The kids had a hard time with Vanessa leaving but they do want a new mom. It is off to the airport and now they must wait for the potential new sister wife to arrive. Next week, the Snowdens new girlfriend shares a secret while the Merrifields move forward with their divorce. Kaleh and Vanessa clash as Tosha makes a confession to her mom.

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