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Danielle Busby Shares A Realistic Peek Into Quarantine Life

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Adam and Danielle Busby, as well as the rest of the world, spent some time in quarantine as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. Now, they’re showing fans what their lives looked like while in quarantine with six young kids.

Because of production time and the TLC airtime schedule, the couple had to wait to upload one of their quarantine videos to YouTube. So, now that the new season of OutDaughtered is underway, they are able to share a little bit more without making any accidental reveals about the current season.

On Sunday, the family uploaded a new video on their YouTube channel.

Danielle Busby plans fun fashion game with daughters

In the YouTube video, the family shares a peek into their quarantine lifestyle. While quarantine wasn’t necessarily easy for anyone, it was pretty tricky for Adam and Danielle to keep all six of their daughters occupied. In a recent interview, they opened up about the highs and lows of staying at home together.

In the video, Danielle and the girls play a game. They all write their names on slips of paper and then draw one from a hat. Whoever’s name they draw, they have to dress that sister. So, after drawing each other’s names, the girls go upstairs, two at a time with Danielle, and pick out an outfit and accessories for their sister to wear. They have to keep the person’s name a secret though, and it’s a challenge for Danielle to get the girls to stay quiet.

After everyone chose an outfit for their sister, the girls all got dressed. They posed for the camera as they showed their clothes to their mom. Then, they showed off their outfits so Adam could see. The dad of six had to guess who picked out whose outfit.

This was a fun little game to keep the girls busy, but Danielle realizes just how messy the playroom has gotten. With all of the girls playing together, there are “toy mines” that they have to be careful not to step on. Since some of the girls aren’t happy with the outfits they have to wear, Danielle says that they can play a different game if they clean up the playroom.

It's a Buzz World YouTube
It’s a Buzz World YouTube

Busby girls build a fort

In an MTV Cribs style video, the kids show off the fort they built with their mom. Blayke refers to it as a “Busby Tent House.” In the house, there’s a play kitchen where Hazel promises to “make cakes for everyone.”

Each of the girls show off their small “rooms” that have taken over the playroom. While showing the camera their rooms, they also talk about their toys. Even Danielle plays along with the girls.

It's a Buzz World YouTube
It’s a Buzz World YouTube

So, what do you think of Adam and Danielle Busby’s video from quarantine? Let us know in the comments below.

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You can watch the video here.

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