Amy & Tammy Slaton Nude Photos Surface: See Censored Pictures

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Nude photos of Tammy Slaton and Amy Halterman from TLC’s 1000-Lb. Sisters are making rounds on Facebook. Knowing these explicit pictures exist has had fans in a frenzy all day. Are these pictures real? Where did they come from? How did fans get ahold of them? These are just a few of the questions fans are asking as more and more people start talking about the nude photos of Tammy Slaton and Amy Halterman.

Nude photos of Tammy Slaton and Amy Halterman: How to find them?

Once something is on the internet. It becomes pretty hard to remove it. A quick google search of Tammy Slaton nude or Amy Halterman nude (or Amy Slaton nude) will pull up several NSFW photos. Keep in mind, you may have to adjust the sensitivity and search settings on Google if you have adult content filtered out.

From what Tv Shows Ace has been able to uncover, these photos have been posted on a few different web forums. On threads where fans gather to discuss 1000-Lb. SistersUnfortunately for the Slaton sisters, a lot of what is said in the chatter on these types of threads is far from kind.

Several scandalous photos of the Slaton sisters pop up in the comments of a thread created on a community called lolcow four years ago. Followers of the show created the thread for one purpose: to drag Amy Slaton Halterman. And, several explicit photos found ended up among the chatter.

There is also a community called KiwiFarms that has a thread created about the Slaton sisters from April of 2015. This community even has a poll with the question of who you’d rather be intimate with. The vote has nearly a 75 to 25 split with Amy being the clear winner. That being said, it seems to be Tammy that has more nude photos floating around.

Real or fake: where did these pictures come from?

Fans believe the nude photos of Tammy Slaton are real. And, fans have a theory on where the photos came from. Tammy Slaton does date people online. She joins communities that welcome BBW (or SSBBW as she puts it). We also know Tammy  was recently catfished by a gorgeous woman she claimed was her “new girlfriend.” So, those who follow the family assume someone likely catfished Tammy long enough to get their hands on nude photos of her.

Now, Amy’s photos aren’t exactly nude photos. Though, there is chatter going around Facebook that she has busty photos floating around. Her questionable photos actually look to be stills from various YouTube videos over the years.

Tammy Slaton Amy Slaton nude photos

Tammy, however, does have nude photos floating around the internet. And, we have no reason to believe they aren’t real.

Some 1000-Lb. Sisters fans are sad. Sad that Tammy Slaton was tricked into offering up nude photos of herself. Others, however, suspect she’s so desperate for love and attention… She probably doesn’t mind that they are out there.

How do you feel knowing nude photos of Tammy and Amy Slaton exist? Share your thoughts with us.

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