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Has Tammy Slaton Been Catfished By Her New Girlfriend?

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Fans of 1000-Lb. Sisters recently learned Tammy Slaton may have ditched her married boyfriend Jerry for a girlfriend named Kane. Tammy reportedly started sharing a photo of a gorgeous girl she claimed to be her girlfriend. And, she noted her new girlfriend’s name was Kane. Referring to her as a “new girlfriend” fans can only assume this a is a refresh relationship. After learning Tammy met her boyfriend Jerry online… Fans also assume she met Kane via the internet as well.

Tammy Slaton fans hate Jerry and welcome a change

It is no secret that fans of 1000-Lb. Sisters do not care for Jerry. They accuse him of being with Tammy for the wrong reasons. They don’t like that he is married. Most importantly, most think Tammy should focus on her weight loss and worry about dating later. Some argue dating someone who is willing to be with her at her current size because they like “bigger women” is just going to enable her to break her diet. And, this isn’t what her health needs right now.

Some fans admit learning Tammy Slaton might have a girlfriend isn’t too surprising. They’ve previously known Tammy was into men and women. Moreover, fans thought Tammy deserved to be loved by someone other than Jerry. Someone who was not married. And, someone who could be with only her.

Tammy Slaton Facebook

Still, fans have some reservations about this new girlfriend. Is this beautiful woman Tammy’s girlfriend? Why don’t we know more about her?

Fans call out the new girlfriend as a catfish

Perhaps 1000-Lb. Sisters fans have flipped over to MTV and watched the series Catfish a little too often. Many were convinced there was no way the woman in the photo was talking to Tammy. They insisted it didn’t feel right. According to Backwoods Barbi, someone did a reverse search of the photo. And, they broke the news to Tammy.

The women in the photo isn’t her girlfriend Kane. In fact, she is a model. A pretty popular model with a few hundred thousand followers on Instagram. And, those who have watched Catfish know stock models such as Hannah are a go-to for Catfish.

Tammy Slaton Facebook

In response to the video by Backwoods Barbi spilling this tea, fans were devastated. Devastated that Tammy might be the victim of catfishing.

It, however, isn’t really a question at this point. Unfortunately, the photos are of Hannah (a model) and not Kane. So, it looks like Tammy’s new girlfriend has some explaining to do.

So, do you think Tammy knows her girlfriend is a catfish? Share your thoughts on this recent 1000-Lb. Sisters update and stick with us for more.

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