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Tammy Slaton Gets Candid About Her Weight Struggles & Feelings

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There were a lot of emotions regarding Tammy Slaton in tonight’s episode of 1000-Lb. Sisters. This included the TLC personality getting candid about her weight loss struggles and her feelings. What did Tammy have to say exactly? Keep reading for the details.

Warning: spoilers from 1000-Lb. Sisters Season 2, Episode 8 titled “Everybody Hurts.”

How does Tammy Slaton feel when her weight singles her out?

During tonight’s episode of 1000-Lb. Sistersthe producers ask Tammy how she feels when her weight singles her out. More specifically, they wonder how it feels to not be able to do something with everyone else because of her size. Tammy Slaton really struggled to play the virtual reality game with her family because it was difficult to turn around. She also wasn’t able to stand for very long and just gave up. Noticeably, Tammy looked devastated.

The producers asked if it was frustrating to get left out of things because of her weight. Last week, as another example, Tammy didn’t get to join into the baby shower games. Her weight prevented this. While it provided an opportunity to talk about Tammy’s weight issues… It was still sad for fans to see.

The TLC personality clarifies her feelings for producers.

Tammy Slaton admits that it is hard to feel left out of things because of her size. But, she doesn’t think frustrated is the word she would use to describe how she feels. She clarifies that jealousy is a more accurate word. She feels jealous. She sees her sister and brother having fun playing the virtual reality game. And, she isn’t able to join in. This isn’t something that makes her feel good.

Fans assume embarrassment is also a factor

Fans of 1000-Lb. Sisters assume Tammy also feels a lot of embarrassment and shame. When they arrive at the store during tonight’s episode, they realize only one door will open. So, Tammy cannot be pushed into the store. She has to get up and walk in. Now, this is good for Tammy in the grand scheme of things. Just last week, Chris said he loved these opportunities to force his sister to move. But, fans assume it feels awful to be forced to stand up because you don’t fit through a doorway without extra effort.

Tammy Slaton weight feelings youtube TLC

Season 2, Episode 8 titled “Everybody Hurts” of 1000-Lb. Sisters airs tonight only on TLC. The episode, however, is already available via the discovery+ streaming service. Let us know what you thought of tonight’s episode. And, stick with us at Tv Shows Ace for the latest Slaton sister related news.

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