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‘1000-Lb. Sisters’ Tammy Slaton Gives Meet-and-Greet Update

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Fans of 1000-Lb. Sisters are constantly asking Tammy Slaton when she and sister, Amy will have a meet-and-greet. Her social media is filled with requests to meet the TLC stars. Tammy took to her Instagram to answer the burning question, putting fans at ease.

An Eventful Month For the 1000-Lb. Sisters Star

Tammy has had quite the month, to put it mildly. Last week, she and boyfriend Jerry Sykes broke up. It was a great relief to her followers as he not only had a handful of kids but has a wife. Tammy claimed his wife was ill and could not give him what he needed at home. Therefore, he was getting it from her. Still, they felt she deserved so much better. She must have agreed because she finally ended the relationship. But, she would not be single for long. Quickly after it broke Tammy and Jerry had parted ways, Tammy showed off her new girlfriend, Kane. No one knew much about her and attributed it to a tight contract with TLC.

Fans questioned if Tammy was being catfished which she vehemently denied. This question also made her furious but it soon started to appear to be true. A reverse search of the photo of Kane proved it was actually of a famous model. Whether or not Tammy would believe this news did not matter. Fans just did not want her getting her heart broken. An attachment had formed between viewers and Tammy and they’ve become somewhat protective. It must have ended because earlier today, Tammy posted a filtered video, asking who wanted to be her Valentine. She got many responses but still the same question: when is the meet and greet?

When Is The Meet-and-Greet, Tammy?

There’s an answer to the question. Tammy said the weather has been so bad, with ice storms and such, it is impossible to coordinate anything now. But, there is hope for the spring or summer, she shared. It is all dependent on the weather, though she did not mention the pandemic at all. She did push it back to the fall at one point but hopeful fans can keep spring/summer in their hearts. It appears she is just as eager to get out there and meet with viewers and fans as they are. She signed off the video with appreciation.

Throughout the breakup and new relationship to possibly being catfished, the 1000-Lb. Sisters star’s fans have been incredibly supportive. They have stuck by her side and sent her consistent words of encouragement. You can keep up with 1000-Lb. Sisters every Monday night at 10 pm only on TLC.

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