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Tammy Slaton Trades Married Boyfriend Jerry For A Girlfriend Named Kane

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The latest tea is that Tammy Slaton of 1000-Lb. Sisters has traded her married boyfriend Jerry for a girlfriend named Kane. Fans of the reality TV series aren’t exactly supportive of Tammy and Jerry. So, this would likely be a welcomed change for many.

Tammy Slaton and Jerry: Fans do not approve

According to a very juicy video from Backwoods Barbi, 1000-Lb. Sisters fans do not care for Jerry. They think he is with Tammy for all the wrong reasons. Moreover, fans learned Jerry is married. And, they don’t care for Tammy becoming a homewrecker.

Tammy, however, has reportedly acknowledged her boyfriend is married. She, however, explained her wife is very sick. And, he turns to Tammy because he can’t “get it” at home. Tammy insisted to fans she shouldn’t be blamed or criticized for what his marriage is lacking.

While Jerry was definitely in the picture during the filming of Season 2 of the series… Some fans do not believe Jerry is still in the picture. Fans hope Tammy would wise up and dump him for someone who is single and available.

Has Tammy finally dumped him for a girlfriend named Kane?

As you can see from the screenshot below, Tammy Slaton posted around Facebook recently that she was in a new relationship. She had a girlfriend. A girlfriend named Kane. And, Kane was gorgeous! Fans thought it was great Tammy and finally decided to drop Jerry for someone better.


Tammy Slaton Facebook

Unfortunately, the TLC personality really hasn’t posted much else about her girlfriend Kane. Likewise, we haven’t seen anything about her new girlfriend on Instagram. Unfortunately, it can sometimes be hard for the Slaton sisters to share much information on social media. They are under a contract with TLC after all. It is possible there is some information she isn’t allowed to share. Maybe this includes her new girlfriend Kane.

Did fans know Tammy Slaton was interested in women?

According to those responding to the juicy tea video, this isn’t exactly earth shattering news. Tammy hasn’t suddenly walked out of the closet. In fact, the individual insists real fans of this family already knew Tammy was interested in women.

“We’ve known tammys bi for a long time. I’ve watched these crazy gals since like 2015. You can’t help but like em!” The fan of the sisters insisted.

Some fans aren’t sure dating is what Tammy really needs right now. They grow concerned she seeks out individuals who enjoy being with bigger women. And, she might use that information to cheat or just ruin her diet plans.

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