1000-Lb. Sisters Credit: Tammy Slaton IG

‘1000-Lb. Sisters’ Tammy Slaton Looking For Love

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With Valentine’s Day on Sunday, Tammy Slaton is wasting no time finding her sweetheart. The 1000-Lb. Sisters star took to Instagram to pose the question: Who Wants To Be My Valentine? She seemingly just started a new relationship so is she really on the prowl? Or is this a cry for attention?

From One Relationship To Another: A 1000-Lb. Sisters Relationship Timeline

A few days ago, Tammy seemingly ditched her boyfriend, Jerry Sykes. A sigh of relief from viewers and fans was breathed as he was less than desirable. Her boyfriend was admittedly married and Tammy knew it. She claimed his wife was sick and he was not getting any action at home so he looked elsewhere. Enter Tammy. There was so much wrong with their relationship or situationship but he was a prominent figure in Season 2. Then, Tammy shared on Facebook she had someone new in her life, a girlfriend named Kane. She resembled a video game character or Ruby Rose.

Not much is known about the budding relationship and it is attributed to the tight TLC contract. The bigger question is Tammy’s sudden interest in women. Fans say it was never a secret to those truly familiar with her and her family. But now, days later, Kane’s gone and Tammy is on the prowl once again. It is no secret Tammy has emotional issues and has admitted on the show to wearing her heart on her sleeve. So, what is she really looking for?

1000-Lb Sisters Credit: Tammy Slaton Instagram
Credit: Tammy Slaton Instagram

Be My Valentine?

Now, as we previously reported, many believed Kane was a catfish. Some even suspected Tammy made her up.

Truthfully, Kane is a model named Hannah Kleit and may have used Tammy’s for her career. Tammy did not take kindly when 1000-Lb. Sisters fans questioned if she was being catfished. In all fairness, they were just expressing concern. And after Jerry, they did not want a repeat of heartbreak. In any case, something fishy is going on as Tammy made a filtered short video and posted it to her Instagram. She does not have a caption, just wrapped in a filter teddy bear, moving her head side to side. Fans and followers were quick to react to her post.

One asked about Jerry while another asked if the couple were still together. Others responded with genuine fandom and told her how much they loved her and the show, wishing her a happy holiday. And one sweet fan had this to say: “Who do YOU want for Valentine’s Day? Anyone would be lucky to have you as their valentine.” Tammy has posted a few with a heart theme leaving fans to say she does not need the filters so the post could actually just be good fun.

Do you think she is looking for someone special or just having fun? Let us know in the comments.

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