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How To Follow The ‘Unexpected’ Season 4 Cast On Instagram

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TLC’s Unexpected Season 4 premiered a week ago on December 20th. For those who enjoy MTV’s Teen Mom franchise, this series is a huge hit.

What is Unexpected?

Since the series debuted back in 2017, it has acquired a massive fan base. It tells the stories of young women discovering they are pregnant. These young women struggle with pregnancy, becoming a mother, being a mother, various hardships, and difficult relationships. For some, the struggle is trying to raise a child while still being a child.

Season 4 of Unexpected brought back a few familiar faces. The cast, however, also introduced a few new faces. If you’ve followed the show for a while, you might already follow the returning cast members on Instagram. But, you may have yet to discover the fresh faces just yet.

Likewise, don’t forget you can follow the official Instagram of the series to keep updated. Furthermore, TLC’s official Instagram also updates on the series regularly.

Now, if the one episode a week isn’t enough for you… Here’s the Instagram information for the Unexpected Season 4 cast.

Lilly Bennett

Lilly is an Unexpected OG, so it wasn’t too surprising to see her and her daughter Aaliyah. Her new flame Lawrence will be joining her on the big screen. Likewise, her baby daddy James will also be featured during Season 4.

Who’s Returning To TLC’s ‘Unexpected’ For Season 4?

During Season 4, Lilly will have an unexpected pregnancy. This time, however, it is with her new boyfriend Lawrence. Lilly Bennett has an Instagram. Likewise, we know she gave birth to Charles Bishop IV last month (on November 22).

Follow Lilly on Instagram

Tyra and Alex

Alex and Tyra return for Season 4 with their daughter Layla. Tyra’s sister Tiara is also featured during Season 4. And, she’s very vocal with her thoughts on her sister’s ability to raise Layla. For example, in one trailer clip fans see Tiara refer to her sister as a “stupid b*tch.” So, clearly she isn’t a fan of how Tyra parents. Likewise, it seems as if this drama will be a focal point for Season 4.

We also know Alex will express his ongoing concern that Tyra isn’t faithful to him. The blame, however goes both ways. Tyra doesn’t trust Alex to be faithful either.

Now, if you are interested… You can follow both Alex and Tyra (as they have separate accounts) on Instagram.

Follow Alex on Instagram

Follow Tyra on Instagram

Jenna Ronan and Aden Albright

Jenna Ronan and her boyfriend Aden Albright are fresh additions to the Unexpected cast for Season 4. We know the 16-year-old is expecting after her boyfriend tricked her into not using protection. We also know the production team is gearing up to give Aden a “villain edit.” So, he probably isn’t shaping up to be a fan favorite. And, given the storyline… No one is that surprised. Both Jenna and her boyfriend Aden have Instagram accounts you can follow.

Follow Jenna on Instagram

Follow Aden on Instagram

Myrka Cantu and Ethan Ybarra

Myrka Cantu and her boyfriend Ethan Ybarra are both fresh faces to the Season 4 cast. We know the 16-year-old was booted by her parents after learning she was pregnant with Ethan’s baby. Fortunately, we know Ethan’s parents took in the mother of their grandchild.

‘Unexpected’ Fans Slam Myrka’s Mom Lilliana’s Hypocrisy

Now, Myrka Cantu is going to be a little more difficult to follow off the show. She does have an Instagram, but it is private. She also has a YouTube with no content on it. Unexpected fans expect this storyline to be an emotional one.

Request to follow Myrka’s private Instagram

Reanna Cline and Taron Ward

Last but not least is Reanna Cline. Reanna is the youngest member of the Season 4 cast. She became pregnant with her 17-year-old boyfriend Taron Ward’s baby at just 15. History seems to repeat itself in this family tree as Reanna’s mother was also a teen mom. So, she’s gearing up to be a grandma at the age of 33.

‘Unexpected’: Taron, Reanna’s Ex Finds New Girlfriend?

We know Reanna will have a dramatic storyline. Taron will cheat on his pregnant storyline. And, a trailer clip shows him expressing the need to fight for custody of his child. Unfortunately, fans won’t be able to follow this young couple on Instagram. Neither of them have an active account. Now, this might change by the time Season 4 concludes.

So, do you follow the cast of Unexpected Season 4 on Instagram? Or, will you?

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