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‘LPBW’ Fans Urge Matt Roloff To Keep Jackson Away From Producers

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Jacob Roloff alarmed fans of Little People, Big World when he alleged he was molested by one of the producers as a child. While there is not a season of LPBW currently airing, fans do believe they are currently working on another season. In fact, Amy Roloff has let it slip a few different times another season was in the works. Naturally, fans of the series cannot help but wonder if Jackson Roloff (as well as Matt and Amy’s other grandchildren) are safe. Likewise, can Matt and Amy protect their grandchildren when they couldn’t even protect their own child?

LPBW fans urge Matt Roloff to protect his grandson

Roughly a week ago, Matt Roloff shared a video of himself, his girlfriend Caryn, and his grandson Jackson. They were spending some time interacting with the animals on the farm. Jackson was in one of the cages engaging with the chickens. Caryn was collecting eggs. They ended up finding four eggs. One was a jumbo egg while the others were pretty small in size. Matt could be heard encouraging Caryn to take the eggs inside and fry them up so they could see how they tasted.

Now, as we previously reported, Matt Roloff did catch some heat for this particular video. One follower didn’t like them allowing Jackson to be with the chickens. They pointed out the chickens would do a better job of laying eggs if they did not allow their toddler to scare them.

Now, Matt Roloff wasn’t having the criticism. He said it was important for Jackson to learn not to be afraid of the animals. Likewise, Jackson would only be little for a period of time. And, letting him be a child was more important than missing an egg cycle or two.

The conversation quickly took a turn.

Flipping the conversation completely… One individual urged Matt Roloff to make sure he kept the producers of Little People, Big World away from his grandson. See the screenshot below containing the message from the concerned fan.

Matt Roloff Instagram
[Matt Roloff Instagram]
In addition to urging Matt Roloff to protect his grandson, the individual took a dig at the grandfather. They couldn’t believe Matt Roloff (or Amy for that matter) would continue to be a part of the show after what happened. After all, what was to stop it from happening to Jackson or one of the other children as well?

Now, this wasn’t the only LPBW fan who felt this way. Another chimed in agreeing with the comment in the screenshot above: “what Jacob exposed tonight was heartbreaking. I would have these babies as far away from the limelight as I could get them. I can’t imagine the show going on.”

Other individuals thought it was important to remind it was a third party producer. A producer that hasn’t been with the show in years.

So, do you think Matt Roloff should keep a better eye on Jackson around the producers? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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