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Matt Roloff Catches Heat For Letting Jackson Scare The Chickens

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Matt Roloff of Little People, Big World took to Instagram a few days ago to share a video. The video featured his grandson Jackson spending a little time helping grandpa Matt and Matt’s girlfriend Caryn Chandler with the chickens. Jackson appeared to be spending a little time with the chickens while Matt and Caryn gathered eggs.

Caryn shows a few eggs, dotes on jumbo egg

Caryn Chandler shows Matt (and the camera) she was able to collect four eggs. She takes a moment to dote on one egg being jumbo size compared to the other three. Considering how many chickens the Roloff Farms houses. And, how many were in the video… Some LPBW fans were a little surprised Caryn wasn’t able to find more eggs.

What was intended to be a sweet video of Matt doing some farm work with his girlfriend and his grandson turned ugly. One LPBW fan felt Matt Roloff was giving Jackson a little too much freedom around the chickens. And, the individual was quick to criticize Matt for the mistakes he was making on the farm he’d been managing just fine for years.

Is Jackson preventing the chickens from laying eggs?

Instagram followers can see Jackson entering the cages and interacting with the chickens inside. Some of Matt’s Instagram followers thought the interaction was adorable. Others thought it was hilarious. But, Matt Roloff had one follower who questioned if the LPBW grandpa knew what he was doing.

“If you want eggs stop letting jackson [scaring] the crap out of those chickens.” The individual penned in a comment liked just half a dozen times.

Some of Matt’s more supportive followers were quick to poke fun at the typo in the original comment. The individual posted “scarring” instead of “scaring.” And, that typo made the sentence potentially have a very different kind of meaning.


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Now, Matt Roloff has never been afraid to clap back at trolls in his comments. And, he was waiting to fire back at this one as well.

Matt Roloff claps back, knows what he’s doing

The TLC personality noted some things are more important than how many eggs a chicken lays. Matt explained they were working on making Jackson comfortable around the animals. And, it was worth missing out on a few eggs.

The life lessons he’s learning (being comfortable with our farm animals) is far more important to us then a few egg cycles. We have plenty of eggs to eat and local giveaways… But only one chance to allow Jackson to be a youngster.”

Others were quick to remind the original poster that Jackson was just a toddler. And, they shouldn’t be so critical of a little one having a good time.

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Do you think Matt Roloff was giving Jackson too much freedom? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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