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‘LPBW’: Does Caryn Chandler Not Want To Live With Matt Roloff?

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Season 21 of Little People, Big World is especially difficult on Matt Roloff who is stuck in the middle of Amy and his girlfriend Caryn Chandler. Viewers of the TLC series have been watching Amy Roloff move away from the Roloff Farms at a painfully slow speed. We’ve seen Matt Roloff make it clear he’s ready for Amy to leave. And, Matt also has to entertain his girlfriend’s opinion on just about everything.

Do Matt Roloff and Caryn Chandler not want the same thing?

We know Matt Roloff has big plans to focus on building a new home. A new home for himself. And, his girlfriend Caryn to live together in. But, does she feel the same way? Unfortunately, LPBW fans aren’t really sure Chandler and Roloff are on the same pace. In fact, she made it pretty clear she’s more interested in focusing on herself.

For starters, Caryn won’t move into Amy’s old house.

Logically, it would make sense for Matt Roloff to fix up the house Amy is moving out of. Then, they could move in there together. But, it doesn’t sound like that is something Caryn is willing to entertain. And, given the history between Matt and Amy… It is something some fans can certainly understand.

We know Amy and Caryn made an effort to be civil as much as possible. But, it is clear to fans of the series that the women do not really like each other. And, the prickly relationship between the two is certainly understandable given their connection to Matt.

At the moment, Matt is living on his side of the property. But, would it make sense for him to clean up the house Amy lived in and move there? Unfortunately, it doesn’t sound like it would make sense if he wants to live with his girlfriend. As she’s made it crystal clear it won’t happen.

I would never live in the big house. Ever. Put a pin in that.”

Does that mean they’ll live together somewhere else or does she not really want to live with Matt right now?

Matt Roloff isn’t interested in the farmhouse either.

Those keeping current with LPBW Season 21 know Matt Roloff doesn’t want to live in Amy’s old farmhouse either. He plans on building a customized house. A house built to be friendly toward a little person. And, he thinks it would be the perfect home for Matt Roloff and Caryn.

I also wanted to show [Caryn] and kind of unveil the model of the house. I’ve always wanted to build a house from scratch. I’ve been thinking about this house ever since Amy mentioned that she was going to sell me the south side, so three years.”

During this week’s episode, Matt discussed the big “his and her” bathroom and “his and her” closet. But, Caryn isn’t convinced he’s really building a home for the two of them. In fact, she insists it feels like it is something just for him. So, she wants to focus on herself instead.

“Matt’s definitely not building a house for the two of us. I’ve always loved the farm, but it’s Matt’s farm, it’s Amy’s farm, and so I kind of want to let all that stuff fall where it needs to be on its own. I’m just focusing still on some of my own stuff that I still want to accomplish in my life.” Caryn admitted.

Fans of the TLC series don’t hear wedding bells either.

LPBW fans agree Matt Roloff seems to want a future with Caryn. But, they have a lot of mixed feelings about her. And, it is clear he isn’t rushing to get married to her. We know Amy and Chris got engaged last year. Unfortunately, the pandemic delayed the wedding. And, Matt isn’t interested in proposing to Caryn until after Amy is married? Why? Well, he doesn’t really want to take the spotlight from her.

We don’t want to step on Amy and Chris’s excitement — but you never know what might happen next! For now @carynchandler1 and I are living a very happy and our very best life together … enjoying our kids and my grandkids. A wonderful season of life!”

Things seem to be a little up in the air in this relationship for now. Do you think Matt and Caryn will live together and get married? Sound off in the comments with your thoughts!

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