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Here’s How Amy Roloff Feels About ‘LPBW’ Fans Thinking She’s A Hoarder

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LPBW Season 21 isn’t painting Amy Roloff in the best light. Viewers at home have accused her of being both a procrastinator and a hoarder. We already know Matt Roloff isn’t exactly thrilled when new episodes of Little People, Big World come on. He admitted on Instagram Live recently he feels the urge to “hid under his bed” when episodes come on the TV. The question is: how does Amy Roloff feel? What does she think about some of the awful thing the viewers at home are saying about her?

Amy Roloff shuts down hoarding rumors and allegations.

The Little People, Big World star has decided to set the record straight on the hoarding accusations floating around. And, she is insisting she isn’t a hoarder. And, she doesn’t have a packrat problem. She seems to suggest the way LPBW portrayed her during the move was just poor editing on the production team’s part.

Amy Roloff felt it was so important to address fans calling her a hoarder that she took to both Facebook Live and Instagram Live to set the record straight. She needed to defend herself. And, she needed fans of the show to know the truth. She is not a hoarder. And, she does NOT have a problem.

All the stuff in the family room … that was, you know, you’re taking stuff out of rooms, out of drawers, and everything. I needed a landing place for a lot of that stuff. And so, a lot of that stuff was what I was not taking. A lot of the stuff in the garage was what I was not taking. … I wasn’t gonna take all that stuff.”

Amy insisted she had several decades of her life in that home. But, she had no plans of taking all of it to her old home.

Now, the LPBW star did admit she has a lot of “knickknacks.” But, they all have purpose and somewhere to go within her new home. She loves to decorate and to entertain guests. And, she really doesn’t agree with being referred to as a hoarder.

She has a history of being called out for being untidy.

Now, Amy Roloff is not a stranger to being called out by fans for her hoarding tendencies. Fans also take issues with her poor housekeeping skills. As we previously reported, fans don’t understand how she can make so many cooking videos with how messy and cluttered her house is.

So, do you think Amy Roloff is just in denial? Or, are fans only getting part of the picture? Sound off with your thoughts in the comments.

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