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‘Little People, Big World’ Season 21 Premiere: What To Expect

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Season 21 of Little People, Big World premieres in just a few hours on TLC. And, fans wonder what to expect from the latest season of the Roloff family. TLC has been very generous with dropping teaser clips on their Instagram the past few weeks. And, fans have been itching to watch another season of this sweet family. So, what can we expect from Season 21 of LPBW? Keep reading to find out!

Little People, Big World Season 21 Premiere Happens Tonight

As fans of the TLC series know, Season 21 of LPBW premieres tonight. And, between the trailers and Season 20… We know the Roloff family has a lot of big things going on. During Season 21, we will watch them navigate some of these changes.

TLC first shined a spotlight on the Roloff family back in March 4, 2006 when LPBW premiered. Since then, fans fell in love with this family. And, we’ve even enjoyed watching all the family drama over the years. Now, over a decade later, Roloff still has a slot on TLC’s lineup for new episodes. Because that’s just how much fans love this family.

For those unfamiliar with the details of the family, patriarch Matt has dwarfism. Mother Amy Roloff has achondroplasia. Together, they share four children including Molly, Jacob, and fraternal twins Jeremy and Zach. Three of their children are of typical height. But, Zach also has achondroplasia like his mother.

Molly Roloff walked away from the TLC series. Though, fans sometimes get to listen to Molly talk with her family on the phone. Jeremy Roloff also exited the show. And, he has been extremely vocal with his dislike of the series. He claims what people see on TV isn’t “real life”. And, considering how much backlash reality TV shows get for being scripted and far from reality. This is something a lot of people believe could be true.

Who will we see in Season 21?

Well, it looks like the series will focus on Matt, Amy, and Zach. Despite half of the sweet family stepping away, fans are still looking forward to seeing how things are going.

Now, Season 21 of Little People, Big World features some big changes. For starters, we know Amy Roloff is moving off of the farmhouse. That, however, doesn’t mean she is cutting ties completely. After all, she still owns some of Roloff Farms. But, some fans wonder if she will sell the farm to her son Zach or possibly Jeremy.

Zach and Tori Roloff

Fans will get to enjoy watching the family of Zach and Tori Roloff. During Season 21 Premiere teasers, fans saw Tori and Zach struggle with navigating raising a toddler and a baby at the same time. The parents are doing the best they can to make sure both Lilah and Jackson get an equal amount of their love and affection.

Will COVID-19 be featured?

Yes, we can assume the new episodes will also feature how the pandemic came into play with the Roloff family. More specifically, we may even get to see what kind of damage the pandemic caused for Roloff Farms.

Will Jeremy and Audrey Roloff Appear?

Officially, Jeremy and Audrey Roloff have not walked away from the show completely. But, TLC has not given fans any indication to suggest we will see them during Season 21. In fact, there are a lot of rumors that suggest Audrey got into it with Amy. And, these rumors also suggest Audrey wants nothing to do with Jeremy’s family or the series. So, we’ll have to say if Jeremy and his adorable children make an appearance or not.

Lastly, fans are also looking forward to see what kind of plans Amy Roloff has for her wedding.

Will you be tuning in to watch the Season 21 Premiere of Little People, Big World tonight only on TLC? We will!

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