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‘LPBW’: Does Matt Roloff Treat Caryn Chandler Better Than He Treated Amy?

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A lot of Little People, Big World fans do not care for Matt Roloff’s new significant other Caryn Chandler. Now, most of the fans that feel this way are fans that prefer Amy to Matt. After all, there are some fans of the TLC series who love Matt. And, they are just happy to see he’s found someone else to be with. Those who are not supportive of the relationship, however, often make critiques about it on social media.

Does Matt treat Caryn Chandler differently than he treated Amy Roloff? Should he have tried harder with Amy? Here’s what fans are saying.

Fans got chatty in a recent Instagram post by TLC.

We know Season 21 of LPBW  is currently airing on television. We just watched the Season Premiere this week. And, as we’ve previously reported, fans of the TLC series are OVER listening to Amy and Matt bicker with each other. Moreover, they aren’t alone in feeling this way. Their son Zach is also frustrated and triggered by the constant fighting. He hopes his mother moving away from the property and potentially selling her share of it will smooth things out within the family.

While neither he or his wife Tori really seems to want to… Zach was even happy to buy his mother out of the property just to get her away from the toxic situation.

Now, TLC is sharing clips and photos of Little People, Big World to promote Season 21. The Instagram posts are a great outlet for fans who need to vent about the series. Turns out, there are some fans who really don’t care for Caryn Chandler and her relationship with Matt Roloff. They don’t like her as a person. They think she has bad intentions. And, they believe Matt treats her way better than he ever treated Amy.

Did Matt Roloff break his relationship with Amy?

Chances are pretty good fans will never completely agree on what broke the relationship between Matt Roloff and Amy. After all, there are two sides to every story. Moreover, fans only see what is on TV and social media. So, chances are pretty good fans never got the whole story or the full picture. But, that doesn’t stop LPBW fans from forming opinions based on what they did see and know.

“Its a crying shame that he didn’t give Amy as much attention to everything as he does Caryn. I think he’s screwed up letting Amy go. Caryn should keep her nose out of their business. Just saying,” one follower penned in the comments of a post by TLC from two days ago.

Not only did the individual think Matt treated Amy poorly compared to Caryn Chandler. But, the individual also believed Matt is ultimately to blame for the relationship ending. Liked nearly 200 times, this comment was something fans of Little People, Big World were interested in discussing.

  • “agree he has way more respect for her then Amy. He always talks down to Amy and in their interviews he always blames Amy and never takes responsibility for anything.”
  • “exactly, Amy never talks bad about her BUT Caryn, constantly talks crap on Amy, she needs to keep her nose out of it.”
  • “agree! She acts like she stays out of Matt and Amy’s personal business but she as always has a snide remark. You can tell she doesn’t like Amy and I’m sure she puts her two cents in when with Matt. Something about her I never trusted and Matt is no prize.”

Turns out, many fans of the show insist Caryn doesn’t deserve the respect Matt gives her. Why? Well, because she is always bad mouthing Amy. And, fans never see Amy badmouthing Caryn. Is Amy the bigger person in this dysfunctional family?

What do you think about the current dynamics of the Roloff family? Do you think Matt is the reason his marriage ended? Do you think he treats Caryn better than he ever treated Amy? Sound off in the comments.

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