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‘What It’s Worth’: Jeff Foxworthy’s New Hysterical A&E Series Reveals The Real Price Of Treasures

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Turns out Jeff Foxworthy is a complicated man. He is a huge collector. On Tuesday, August 4, the comedian is hosting a new A&E series called What It’s Worth. 

He goes into other people’s homes, where they share their most valued possession. An expert researches and reveals the value of the item. What ensues is both eyeopening and hysterical.

Did these folks hit the jackpot?

Jeff Foxworthy’s What It’s Worth Is Fun New Series

Everyday people have hidden treasures in their house. Jeff Foxworthy’s new show, What It’s Worth, helps those people find out the true value of their family treasure. The comedian is meeting with people all over America. They want to know if they have something of value in their attic. Will they hit the jackpot?

An expert will give these folks the news. That old relic could be worth a fortune or worth just pennies!

This show is a lot like the PBS series, Antiques Roadshow, but with Jeff Foxworthy-type of family fun! Expect a lot of laughs in this family-oriented show.

How Has Jeff Foxworthy’s New A&E Series Changed For Covid-19?

Yahoo reported that on Tuesday when Jeff Foxworthy was interviewed by GMM that the format was messed up due to the coronavirus quarantine. He confessed that when they were forced to do their show all from home, he was “a little pessimistic.” That quickly turned into “interesting.” This is because a lot of unexpected things happened when people filmed themselves from home.

Now the audience gets more personal with the guests on the show. You learn what the dog’s name is, and “there’s grandma in the corner.”

One couple was just about to get the expert’s evaluation on a statue that they purchased when they first got married. But, their youngest child decided, right then, to take off his pants and run around the house. So, instead of nervously waiting to see if their statue was worth anything, the mom was busy chasing the pant-less child around the house.

Pretty zany!

Speaking of zany, have you seen Jeff Foxworthy without his mustache?

What Does Jeff Foxworthy Collect?

Jeff Foxworthy is not only a talented comedian but also a collector. What does he collect? Jeff collects Native American artifacts. He also collects signed baseballs. And, not just from baseball players. He brings along baseballs “to the Tonight Show, awards shows,” whatever.  Jeff doesn’t need to be at a baseball game. He just likes to get autographs on baseballs.

His signed baseball collection includes six presidents. One of his cherished autographed baseballs was when he threw out the first pitch at an Atlanta Braves playoff game. After he threw the ball, he was told to wait until after the national anthem was completed.

Low and behold, former president, Jimmy Carter was sitting in the front row. Jeff had him sign a baseball. President Carter signed it “Great first pitch, Jimmy Carter.”

Pretty fun!

Jeff Foxworthy Shares Wife’s Reaction to His Missing Mustache

How To Get on What It’s Worth

Does your family have something special of value in your home? Could it be a coin, a piece of art, or an autographed photo? Maybe you want to go on Jeff Foxworthy’s new show What It’s Worth and find out if you are sitting on a fortune?

TV Shows Ace’s own April Neale got exclusive information on how to get on What It’s Worth. Why not look into this? In your home may be a small fortune!

Jeff has warned fans though, just because it is old, doesn’t mean it is more valuable. He hinted on GMA that sometimes newer items are worth more. So start looking around!

Be sure to catch Jeff Foxworthy on A&E’s new show, What It’s Worth. The show premieres on Tuesday, August 4, at 9 p.m. Eastern.

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