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Duggar: Derick Dillard Is In Trouble Again After Controversial ‘Woman’s Work’ Comment

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On social media, Derick Dillard has gotten himself into some trouble. This isn’t the first time either. Jill Duggar’s husband is very outspoken on social media, and he typically gets backlash for his unpopular opinions.

Fans of the family do seem to appreciate that he’s being honest about Jill’s family. The soon-to-be-lawyer also plans on writing a tell-all book about the family.

Derick has recently brought to light some of the not-so-great things about the Duggar family. So, fans and critics alike are looking forward to seeing what he has to say in his book.

Sometimes, when Derick is being honest on social media, he gets a lot of backlash. Other times, he gets a lot of praise. He usually receives backlash when he uses his conservative values to be hateful, like when he tweeted nasty comments to Jazz Jennings. When he speaks out about the Duggar family, he gets more positive feedback.

Well, Derick’s under fire once again for making a comment about working in the kitchen being “woman’s work”.

Derick snaps picture of Jill Duggar in the kitchen—calls it “woman’s work”

Over the weekend, he shared a picture of Jill working in the kitchen. She’s got Samuel, 2, in a carrier on her back. Derick says that Samuel is helping Jill in the kitchen. Then, he used two hashtags: #womanswork and #teachemyoung

This post was not well-received by Duggar fans and critics alike. Some commenters encourages Derick to help Jill instead of just taking a picture.

Others expressed how angry they were about the hashtag about “woman’s work”. They are aware that the Duggar family follows some old-fashioned, conservative rules. So, maybe Derick really does think women belong in the kitchen.

Some of Derick’s followers think he might’ve shared the post to upset some people. Or, he might’ve been joking around. Some think that this really isn’t a funny joke, especially since a few of his followers are so angry about it.

Jill is criticized for parenting again

Jill is often criticized for the way she raises her kids. For instance, her four-year-old Israel still wears a bib at meals. Duggar fans also think that Jill is raising her kids to be “grifters”.

Once again, Jill and Derick are facing backlash for the way they’re raising Samuel. Some of Derick’s followers believe that Samuel is too big to be in the carrier. They are saying he’s too old for it and that he must be pretty heavy in there.

What do you think of Derick’s old-fashioned views? Do you think it’s all a joke, or is he serious? Leave a comment below.

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