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Derick Dillard Confirms He’s Working On A Duggar Tell-All Book

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It was a month ago that Derick Dillard spilled major Duggar tea all over Instagram. Turns out, he’s far from done.

What kind of tea did Derick originally spill on Instagram?

It was three weeks ago that Derick started spilling cups full of tea in the comments of his Instagram post. A summary of some of what Derick shared includes:

  • His wife isn’t allowed in her Duggar family home without Jim Bob’s permission
  • Jim Bob made the rest of the family believe he wasn’t earning any money for the TLC series
  • He and Jill were under the impression they couldn’t talk about things related to the show

Derick Dillard, however, does not want to be silent anymore. Moreover, he and Jill now know they didn’t have to be.

Counting On fans assumed the outburst meant a tell-all book was coming.

Ever since Derick Dillard started to spill the tea on InstagramCounting On fans assumed a tell-all book was coming. In fact, many have taken to his Instagram posts and begged him for one.

“Mr. Dillard you should consider writing a book . With your insights and wisdom you should consider it. Wishing you and your lovely family all the best.” One follower penned to his Instagram post from Christmas a few days ago.

This morning, Derick Dillard responded to the comment. Dillard confirmed he was working on a tell-all book.

“I am working on it, but it takes time,” he said in response with a smile face at the end of his comment.

Impatiently, other Instagram followers decided to get in on the chatter. One individual suggested Derick could speed the process along by hiring a ghostwriter that could pen the story for him.

Unfortunately, it does not appear as if Derick has made any additional responses to the original conversation. Moreover, it does not appear as if too many of his followers have noticed his confirmation of the tell-all book.

Why haven’t many people noticed his confirmation?

Technically, his response to this confirmation happened just 12 hours ago. But, the response was to a comment that was made four days ago on a picture he shared on Instagram three weeks ago. While Derick Dillard does have just shy of 750,000 Instagram followers, they don’t always make a habit of skimming the comments of his older posts.

Anytime something new comes up about him or his wife Jill, however, it is extremely common for people to take to his Instagram and leave comments on several of his more recent posts.

What do you think about Derick Dillard confirming he’s working on a tell-all book? Do you think what he writes in the book will be true? Sound off in the comments down below.

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