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Duggar: Jill Dillard Gets Backlash For Letting 4-Year-Old Israel Wear A Bib

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In the past, Jill Dillard’s parenting has come into question. The Duggar daughter has two kids, Israel, 4, and Samuel, 2. Israel will turn five years old in April. Samuel will be three years old in July.

On social media, Jill spends a lot of time documenting her kids’ everyday lives. She posts both Instagram posts and stories, keeping her followers up to date. Of course, as with all celebrities, not all of the attention Jill gets is positive. Not everyone agrees with how she raises her kids. At this point, it seems all of the Duggar family members are used to getting some hate on their posts.

Duggar fans wonder why Israel still wears a bib

In a recent post, Jill revealed that Israel still wears a bib. In the photo she shared, the four-year-old is wearing a bucket bib. This is a bib that has a pouch at the bottom. So, it catches any food that might drop. Parents agree that this is a wonderful invention. But, some of Jill’s followers think that Israel is a little too old to be wearing a bib.

She also shared another picture featuring both Israel and Samuel. Both of the boys are wearing the same style of bib. The boys are two years apart in age though.

On Reddit, followers of the Duggar family began discussing the situation. They are pretty surprised that Israel is still wearing a bib. One follower said that Jill is a lazy parent because she doesn’t want to clean up after Israel. Another mentioned that kids have to make messes so they can learn how to eat.

Some of Jill’s followers did defend her though. They compared Israel’s bib to putting a napkin on your lap when you go out to eat.

Has Israel done this before?

Several times, fans have noticed that Israel is wearing a bib in the pictures that Jill has posted on social media. At the time of the first post, fans thought that Israel might have been joking around. His younger brother, Samuel, was also wearing a bib, so Israel could have wanted to be like him. In this case, it would’ve been something that Israel only did once or twice.

Now, it’s not looking like that’s the case. Israel has been seen on Jill’s social media wearing a bib more than once. So, those times she shared before weren’t necessarily unique.

Because this isn’t a one-time thing, Duggar fans are a little bit concerned. They wonder when it’s going to stop. They also want to know if he’s doing anything else that may not be age-appropriate. After all, he will be five years old in just a couple of months.


What do you think of Israel wearing a bib? Do you think it’s a big deal, or do you think it’s age-appropriate? Leave a comment below.

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