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Duggar: Derick Dillard Is Writing A Book All About The Duggar Family

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Duggar fans know that there has been some drama between Derick Dillard and the rest of the Duggar family, in particular Jim Bob. He claims that Jim Bob keeps all of the money made from the TLC shows.

There has also been controversy surrounding why he and his wife Jill left TLC’s Counting On. He recently said that they quit the show because “…TLC kept trying to keep us from missionary work.” He’s talked poorly about other TLC celebrities in the past, which could also have something to do with why the Dillards aren’t a part of Counting On. He has made both transphobic and homophobic remarks about fellow TLC stars.

In addition, Derick said that he wanted to sue TLC. He put out a threatening tweet and told TLC to “lawyer up”. So far, it doesn’t seem like he has done anything about that lawsuit he wants to begin. But, if it happens, we will hear all about it.

With all of this, it’s safe to say that things aren’t exactly going smoothly between the Duggar family members. The drama continues with a recent tweet from Derick.

Derick says he will write a book about the Duggar family

On Twitter, a fan suggested that Derick write a book about his wife’s family. The fan tweeted, “Dude you could make some serious bank by writing a book. I know a ton of people that would buy that book pre-release! I mean, come on, you know that there is some crazy in that family!”

In response, Derick said, “That’s the plan, but it will take longer to write because I do most of the outlining/writing on breaks from school.”

From what Derick said, it sounds like a book is already in the works. As he mentioned, it might not come out for a while. Derick’s in law school, plus he has two kids at home. It will be interesting to find out whether Jill and the rest of the Duggar family is on board with the book idea.

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It sounds like whatever Derick includes in the book will not be very positive about Jim Bob and his family. Based on the relationships he has, it could be a snarky title. It might not be something that Duggar fans choose to read. More of their critics might pick it up.

Only time will tell how Derick’s book turns out. Will you be reading his book? What do you think of the whole thing? Leave a comment below.

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