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Derick Dillard Says ‘Counting On’ Patriarch Keeps All The Money From The Show

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Derick Dillard doesn’t mind talking about his wife’s family. He’s said before he wasn’t allowed to do missionary work and that was why he and Jill left. He also talked about there being some kind of bogus contract. Fans have called him out on having more than one story and speculating he was fired from the show for some of the non-PC comments he made. Derick denied he was fired and that it was the couple’s decision to leave the show.

In the past when he was asked by a fan why Jim Bob kept the money from the show, he answered him. He said he didn’t know but the fan would have to ask him. In a separate tweet according to The Ashleys’ Reality Roundup a fan asked if they had fallen out and he hoped it wasn’t true. Derick responded, “why do you hope it’s not true?” He tagged the Duggar family Twitter. Ouch, it seems like he’s confirming it is true.

Derick Dillard Hasn’t Changed His Thoughts On Jim Bob Keeping The Money

A question was asked of Derick a long time ago about TLC helping with the bill for the hospital. He waited a long time to respond for some reason. On Thursday Derick Dillard brought up that TLC refused to help with the medical bills they incurred while their son was in NICU. He stated that they made a lot of money from the special they made out of it, so he thought it was more than fair to ask for them to reimburse them. This initial tweet was from over seventeen months earlier, so fans think something may have changed where Derick now feels free to talk again.

Fans have noticed Derick Dillard and Jill Duggar Dillard have distanced themselves. They haven’t gone along on family vacations. Though he follows the Instagrams, they aren’t seen in the pictures that often. Most notably recently Jill didn’t go with the family when they all went to visit Jinger in LA. According to Hollywood Gossip, this coupled with some of Derick’s tweets of late confirm that there is a feud.  A fan asked him, “is Jim Bob still your voice?” Derick responded, “no and never as been.”

That seems pretty clear the Dillards don’t follow the rules of the Duggars anymore. Fans of both will continue to watch Derick’s Twitter in search of clues to why the feud is ongoing.

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