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‘Counting On’ Jinger Vuolo Speaks Out: Her Intimate Interview With Husband Jeremy

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After a recent transplant to Los Angeles, California from Laredo, Texas, Jinger Vuolo and her husband Jeremy have shared their lives once more with Counting On fans in a Q&A on Vuolo’s Instagram account.

“We’ve really been enjoying it here,” said Vuolo of their new home in California. “It’s almost always sunny here!” Who wouldn’t love that? The famous couple went on to answer fan questions submitted to them through Instagram. Read on for some insights into their busy lives.

The name Felicity “just hit [them].”

One fan asked, “How did you decide on the name Felicity?” referring to their adorable 1-year old daughter. “Felicity means Supreme Joy and it’s also the name of one of the early Christian martyrs, a valiant woman who stood for her faith.”

“I first heard of it from the American Girl Doll,” says Vuolo, and went on to share that her daughter Felicity recently met her doll counterpart while visiting an American Girl Doll store.

Their family “talks about everything.”

Another fan asked, “how do you stay in touch with your family?”

“I try to stay in touch all the time,” says Vuolo. “We have a family group chat where we constantly chat with each other.” With such large families on both the Vuolo and Duggar sides, there must be a lot to talk about.

They saved a starving kitten.

Back in Laredo, the couple stumbled across a kitten while out for a stroll as a family. “The kitten followed us all the way home,” says Jeremy. They immediately took the kitten in, named him Jake, and set him up with a plush lifestyle. Unfortunately, they were unable to keep him due to severe allergies. Never fear, animal fans – Jake is now in a loving home with one of their friends.

They never argue.

“Like any couple, we’ve had disagreements, but we’ve never had a major argument,” said Vuolo. “We always talk the disagreement through.” Vuolo’s tip for marital bliss? “We always think of the other person before ourselves,” she went on to say. “Jeremy is a great listener.”

“That’s what marriage is – you get married to serve the other person, not so that you can be served,” concluded Vuolo. It’s great to see the little family so happy and peaceful in their new home. We hope to hear more from the couple soon!


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