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Duggar Cousin Amy King TELLS ALL About Abuse, Lies, & Division

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Duggar cousin Amy King is using her voice once again. Fans have watched her share plenty of cryptic tweets, dropping hints about her famous family. She’s seemingly urged Anna Duggar to leave Josh after his child sexual abuse material arrest. She has also sided with Jill Dillard, who’s distanced herself from Jim Bob and Michelle.

However, this time, she’s diving deeper and sharing even more about abuse, lies, and division. While Amy still doesn’t name any names in her recent tweets, fans and critics believe these recent bombshells must be about the Duggar family. As we’ve reported, Amy has shared about her NDA, which is holding her back from being too specific while she seems to be talking about the Counting On family.

Amy King Instagram, Jill Duggar
Amy King Instagram

It’s unclear what exactly Amy is talking about in her recent posts, but it’s safe to assume some of this is about the Duggars. She seems to be interested in bringing more truth to light and may share more over time. Fans have long been urging her to write a tell-all book.

So, what is Amy saying, and what might she have revealed about her famous family?

Duggar cousin Amy King opens up and sets the record straight.

On Twitter on Wednesday morning, Amy shared four new tweets. Throughout these tweets, she doesn’t state that this is about the Duggar family or individual members, like Josh or Jim Bob. However, fans and critics agree that this has to be connected to the 19 Kids & Counting stars in some way. They don’t know who she would be talking about otherwise.

In her first tweet, Amy writes, “I did nothing about it .. BECAUSE I DIDN’T KNOW. When we asked where a certain individual was years ago- we were told that he was at a camp helping an organization build homes.”

Then, she added, “I want to explain that I simply was kept away from what was happening. I never knew about any abuse taking place. I thought he went to this camp and wanted to help people simply because he just wanted to do a good deed. #fooled #liedtoagainandagain”

She reveals that both she and her mom were lied to multiple times and never learned the truth.

The Duggar cousin wraps up her series of tweets, writing, “The division taking place that you currently see was a long time coming, it was not an abrupt decision.”

Fans believe that certain members of the family might be distancing themselves from Jim Bob and Michelle, who are reportedly standing by Josh’s side.

Amy King Twitter

So, are you surprised to see these tweets from Duggar cousin Amy King? Do you think they are about Josh Duggar or someone else? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below. For more Duggar family news, come back to TV Shows Ace.

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