Maddie Brush And Janelle Brown Prepare To Defy Kody On Thanksgiving

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Sister Wives stars Maddie Brush and Janelle Brown are not listening to Kody Brown anymore. He thinks the family should continue to socially distance themselves for the holiday season. The Brown family is struggling with their dynamic even more amid the COVID-19 pandemic. A preview for the next episode of Sister Wives shows the family at odds with the patriarch. This was all filmed last year before the holidays.

Kody is dead set on keeping the family apart during this time. He feels that it’s too risky to spread the virus. Yet, his wives and kids want to celebrate the holidays together. They have been staying safe up to this point and feel that it’s time to celebrate Thanksgiving together.

Kody Brown is ruining the Brown family’s holiday traditions

The Sister Wives star is acting like Scrooge. As TV Shows Ace previously reported, Kody Brown even threatened to ruin Christmas. The Sister Wives Season 16 premiere shows tensions are higher amid the coronavirus pandemic. Kody’s wives already argued with him about the plans for Coyote Pass.

The family is still practicing social distancing. At least, for the most part. Janelle Brown may be one of the wives who’s set to defy Kody this year. On the show, Kody is trying to find a way to navigate the pandemic with his plural family. He argued that he’s the only one who’s visiting his families during this time.

Sister Wives Kody Brown Youtube
Sister Wives Kody Brown Youtube

Not everyone wants to abide by the rules though. Kody told his wives that some of them have to make more sacrifices than ever. He even threatened to cancel Christmas if they don’t follow suit. Janelle Brown confessed that she doesn’t want to follow his “uber, uber, uber careful stance.”

Kody suggested that they should skip their traditional large gathering. Janelle only said: “Wow.” However, she has more to say behind the scenes. She feels that he’s taken a “doomsday” approach to the pandemic. Since Kody tested positive for the virus, he may just want to play it safe.

Maddie Brush and Janelle Brown make Thanksgiving plans without him

It looks like in 2021, they are seeing each other again. It is really unknown what Kody Brown’s rules are for this year, but last year he didn’t want them all together or traveling really.

Janelle Brown is going to have her Thanksgiving dinner, with or without Kody Brown. Maddie Brush shared her plans with her mom via her Instagram Story. She held a Q&A with her fans, in which she answered their burning questions.

Maddie Brush, Janelle Brown & Family [Credit: Instagram]
[Credit: Instagram]
“Are you cooking for Thanksgiving?” the Sister Wives fan asked. “Yes! My mom is coming into town and we are cooking our meal together with some friends!” Maddie responded. She sounded excited about her plans. As SW fans know, Maddie Brush moved to North Carolina.

Maddie Brush, Janelle Brown Defy Kody [Credit: Maddie Brush/Instagram Stories]
[Credit: Maddie Brush/Instagram Stories]

What do you think Kody is allowing this year?  Sound off below in the comments.

Sister Wives Season 16 airs Sundays at 10 p.m. ET on TLC.

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  1. If her husband is going family to family, he still passes on anything from other families. So how is he protecting the family? I believe Janelle should do just what she is doing as it is good for their mental health,. Mental health has been a problem through COVID with people being so lonely that they do self destructive things to feel better.

  2. Kody needs to get a life and find the joy rather than being an eeyore from winnie the pooh. Celebrations are the heart of the family and the foundation of memories. He can have his own holiday by himself if that is what he wants. Don’t ruin everyone elses day.

  3. I find this an example of the ultra spoiled attitudes so common now. There are millions of families that have and continue to endure the distress of isolation and social distancing due to Covid 19. I find this whole illustration of personal selfishness undesirable. Do they not understand how fortunate they are overall? Self pity is so unattractive!

  4. Take Cody and Robin off the show and let the other three wives and kids live their lives without them. Cody is a complete narcissist and treats everyone like underlings except Robin and her kids. And Robin knows exactly what and why the family dynamic changed when she came in the picture and all her “tears” have gotten real old. Christine and Meri – hurrah for you – now to get Janelle on board. I’d definitely watch The three wives and kids.

  5. Kody ought to be thankful he has a family who cares enough about him to want to spend time with him. There are people out there who have no one to spend the holidays with. If he wants to cancel Christmas let his butt stay home and let them have their Christmas. Christine did the right thing by leaving his sorry butt. I wish Meri would do the same thing. God knows she needs some happiness too.

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