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‘Sister Wives’ Season 16 Premiere Recap-Nov. 21

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Last season on Sister Wives, COVID hit the family like a hurricane. Since they had yet to build on Coyote Pass, the wives all lived in separate homes at a distance from one another. Kody still rotated and did not want to risk infecting anyone. Kody was rarely seeing Meri, their marriage was basically a friendship despite Meri trying to make it work after thirty years together. As for Janelle, she still had two boys at home who were both working and very social. She ultimately told Kody he needed to stay away for the time being as a safety measure.

Ysabel and Christine shared they were going to be heading to New Jersey for Ysabel’s much-needed scoliosis surgery. Kody was adamant about putting it off and said he would not travel with them, leaving a struggling Ysabel in tears. Meri tried to make things work after thirty years together as Kody refuted any type of advances. Furthermore, Robyn approached him about the idea of more children. That is still up in the air. Finally, Christine is deadset on returning to Utah. How will this latest season play out? The family is about to truly lose their way.

Sister Wives NOT Moving Back To Utah

At the end of last season, Christine approached Kody about moving back to Utah. He was receptive to it and then she brought it up at a family meeting on Coyote Pass. It got shut down and it left her in tears, she walked away with Meri comforting her. Kody could not understand her overreacting. This was when Christine declared she could not be married to him anymore. Meri can sympathize but she reminds Christine how long they have invested in the marriage. Yet, Kody reiterates he told Meri on their anniversary they will never be in a full marriage again.

Credit: TLC
Credit: TLC

Christine appreciates what Meri has to say but she does not want what Meri and Kody have. Robyn proposes they start visualizing where their lots are. That does not happen so they end the meeting. Christine admits she wanted a happy marriage but this is not it. Her husband does not listen or support her and there is limited physical contact. In her words, it is just sad. Kody saw how Christine reacted when her idea to move to Utah was rejected. So, he decides to go talk to the other wives to find out why they are reluctant to leave Flagstaff.

Credit: TLC
Credit: TLC

He starts with Janelle Brown. Janelle says to give her the property and they can leave. He is all about moving to St.George as is Robyn. Most of the wives have threatened to leave at one point or the other so he is used to this. They moved to Arizona for Kody so he is checking everyone’s “temperature.”

Meeting Of The Minds At Christine Brown’s

Everyone will be gathering at Christine’s to chat after the mess that occurred at Coyote Pass. She is putting on a brave face as the wives arrive but still feels like she was not heard. The pandemic is also a topic. It was decided last season that Kody would travel from house to house to decrease the spread. Mainly due to the fact that Christine has done some traveling and Janelle’s sons have social lives. They also have jobs so being responsible in that arena is key.

Credit: TLC
Credit: TLC

Everyone has spent the summer separated from one another and Janelle points out this is not going away any time soon. Janelle admits she will go spend Christmas in North Carolina with Maddie if she has to do it over Zoom. Kody believes the moms, especially Janelle, are feeding negative comments to the kids about him. The boys feel it is his fault they have to keep their distance. Yet, Kody is of the mindset everyone should play the proper part and somewhat stay isolated.

Janelle notes how Hunter mentioned this is the longest he has been home and still has yet to see Robyn’s kids. Robyn claims he has not even contacted her to set up an outdoor meeting. She knows all the relationships are struggling. Kody says they can all do what they want yet, in the end, he decides to get a surveyor to start planning the future on the land.

What’s Next For The Sister Wives?

It is time to figure out what they are going to do so Kody goes to talk to Robyn. Admittedly, she would love to live in Utah but she said once they moved to Flagstaff, she was done. She did not want to be a transient family. Her five kids are happy where they are and there is no need to uproot them once again. Robyn’s family is in St. George but she knows the stigma surrounding polygamy. This is not a road she wants to travel again.

Sister Wives Credit: TLC
Credit: TLC

It is time to settle down. She gets that the other wives are fine with moving all the time but that’s not her. Robyn validated Christine’s desire to move to Utah because she feels the same. However, they made the choice to settle here and it is done. She tries to guide him with his approach to Christine. Maybe the majority always rules but things are different now.

They all meet at Coyote Pass with the surveyor to see how they can reconfigure it. Kody decides he wants to create five lots, one for himself. Janelle likes the idea of him having his own lot because she gets sick of him after a certain amount of time. Christine thinks it’s a waste of money while they are still bickering over the pond. It appears some alterations have been made to the layout that not everyone expected.

Property And family Divided

They continue to tour the property and the pond keeps coming. Christine realizes she should just keep walking the lot or walk away. Kody claims there is no motivation to keep going and then he whistles as his wives which turns Christine completely off. Why should she even listen to him? He does not want to let them think anymore because if they do, it will never work.

Credit: TLC
Credit: TLC

Christine finds a spot she really likes and claims if they settle on that, she is good to go. She is not happy to move on to the property but she is convincing herself to stay. This is now her commitment. Yet, all of her kids have decided to leave Arizona in the long run for Utah. It is time to go and Christine is still let down. In her mind, she thought they would attempt to build a cul-de-sac like in Vegas. That is not happening and now, she has disassociated herself from all of it.

This season on Sister Wives, Kody is still trying to keep the family safe from COVID, implementing new rules. However, Robyn comes under fire for sharing and implementing them. The wives get together to chat about the lots but Christine is still adamant about leaving. Meri is questioned about moving while the familial foundation is crumbling. Finally, Christine makes a decision about her marriage that could change everything.

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