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Janelle Brown Pushes Back At Kody’s Restrictions

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Sister Wives star Janelle Brown isn’t happy with her husband. She pushes back against Kody Brown’s restrictions. Keep reading for all the details.

Kody Brown threatens to cancel Christmas

Tensions among the Brown family are at an all-time high during Season 16, according to the teaser trailers released. Some of the wives argue with Kody about plotting the Coyote Pass land while Christine Brown tries to convince them all to move back to Utah.

However, Kody also tries to exert his power when it comes to how the plural family handles the coronavirus pandemic. Season 15 was filmed at the start of the pandemic, causing the family to keep their distance from one another.

It seems that the social distancing continues in Season 16. However, not everyone in the family chose to abide by his strict quarantine plans. He complained that “Some of us have been more willing to be compliant than others of us,” according to Us Weekly.

Was he talking about Janelle?

Credit: Janelle Brown/YouTube
Credit: Janelle Brown/YouTube

Janelle Brown pushes back against Kody Brown and his restrictions

Kody Brown didn’t officially cancel the family holidays, saying everyone is going to do what they want. Janelle Brown made it clear that what she wants is to NOT follow the family patriarch’s “uber, uber, uber careful stance.”

In fact, she had just one word for him when he suggested the family skip large gatherings: “Wow.”

In a confessional, she continued by calling Kody out for his lack of optimism and “doomsday” approach to the pandemic.

However, he may have had a reason for his strict restrictions. He revealed on a Cameo recently that he had COVID, though he didn’t specify when.

Will she be the next to leave the family?

Christine Brown has already left the family over their refusal to consider her pleas to move back to Utah. She made the shocking announcement on her social media earlier this month.

Most Sister Wives fans would have guessed Meri Brown would be the first to leave. However, now they are wondering which wife will be next.

Given her disdain for Kody Brown’s restrictions, could Janelle be the next to leave the plural family?

Do you think his restrictions were too harsh or was Janelle right to push back? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Fans are expecting to see Christine Brown’s reasons for leaving Kody play out on the upcoming season of the long-running TLC reality show.

Don’t miss the EXPLOSIVE return of Sister Wives on Sunday, November 21.

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