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Kody Brown’s Daughter Gwendlyn Struck By Car

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Kody and Christine Brown’s daughter Gwendlyn has been struck by a car. The college student took to Instagram late last night to reveal she’d be struck by something once again.

Is Gwendlyn Brown alright after getting struck by a car?

She got struck by a skateboarder a few months ago

It was less than four months ago that Gwendlyn Brown took to Instagram to announce she had been struck while walking to school. She explained that a skateboarder wasn’t paying attention and took her out. She had a busted-up, bloody knee. But, she was alright.

The TLC personality acknowledged that her room was a little messy in the background. She, however, dared those following her on Instagram to come for her messy room in the comments.

She penned in the caption: “got hit by a skateboarder omw to class but fortunately Noël healed me (if you comment on my messy room you’re biphobic).”

Gwendlyn Borwn Christine Brown Instagram

Gwendlyn Brown struck by car while riding bike

Gwendlyn Brown took to Instagram late last night to reveal she had been struck again. This time she was struck by a car. She was riding her bicycle at the time. Sadly, her bike was pretty busted up. Again, she had a pretty busted and bloody knee to show off on Instagram.

remember when i bumped into a skateboard while biking? this time i got hit by a car [heart eyes emoji] it messed up my bike and docs but insurance money is [drool emoji] would not recommend getting hit though that sucked ass.”

Gwendlyn Brown Instagram

In the comments, Gwendlyn clarified she was in the bathroom of her science building on campus. She explained that she had a chem exam. But, her professor let her go to the nurse beforehand.

Many Sister Wives fans were saddened to see Kody and Christine’s daughter got struck again. One concerned fan encouraged her to seek out a chiropractor. Gwendlyn Brown, however, did have a troll in her comments as well. One individual noted Gwen really should pay more attention when walking. Gwen’s rumored girlfriend clapped back at the individual asking “are you stupid?”

The individual fired back that they were justified because if Gwendlyn Brown paid more attention she wouldn’t continue to get struck by things on her way to classes.

what would you like me to say???? If she was paying attention these things wouldn’t happen so often.”

Are you surprised to learn Gwendlyn Brown was struck by a car? Are you relieved to know she is alright for the most part? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.

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