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Gwendlyn Brown STRUCK Walking To School, Left Oozing Blood [Photo]

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Kody and Christine Brown’s daughter Gwendlyn was STRUCK while walking to school yesterday. And, the incident left her knee oozing blood. The Sister Wives star took to her Instagram account to share a photo of her injury. In her caption, she explained exactly what happened.

Gwendlyn Brown Instagram
Gwendlyn Brown Instagram

Gwendlyn Brown struck walking to school, left bloody

As we previously reported, Gwendlyn Brown shared a slightly alarming photo on her profile yesterday. The photo featured the Sister Wives star showing off a large gash on her knee. The open wound was oozing blood that rolled down her leg leaving trails behind it. The trails of blood extended all the way to just before the top of her shoe.

Her caption explains that she was struck while walking to school. What was it that ran her over? Well, fortunately it wasn’t a vehicle. Turns out, it was a skateboarder that ran her over.

She penned in the caption: “got hit by a skateboarder omw to class but fortunately Noël healed me.”

Kody and Christine Brown’s daughter Gwendlyn concluded her caption by telling her followers not to come for her regarding her dirty room.

Gwendlyn Brown Instagram
Gwendlyn Brown Instagram

Sister Wives shuts down trolls, leave her messy room alone

Gwendlyn Brown urged the trolls that follow her not to come for her messy room in the comments. She noted anyone who attacks the condition of her room is “biphobic.” Unsurprisingly, both her and her rumored girlfriend proceeded to come for anyone in the comments who mentioned her messy room. This seemed to be true whether they were just playing with her or not.

“Hey your room is a little messy you should do something about it,” one individual penned in the comments. The individual left a heart after the comment suggesting they were just teasing Gwen. Gwendlyn Brown responded to the comment with nothing more than a camera emoji.

Another penned in the comments: “godd**n clean your room.”

“Do you hate the gays or something,” Gwen fired back.

One comment went a completely different direction pointing out the wound looked like a bleeding heart. Others chimed in agreeing the wound did look like a heart.

There were even a few that told her to be a little more mindful of the skateboarders when she’s walking to and from her classes.

Are you relieved to know her injury was not more serious? Share your thoughts with us in the comments. And, keep coming back for the latest on the TLC personality.

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