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Gwendlyn Brown & Rumored Girlfriend Celebrate With ’69’ Cake: See Pics

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Gwendlyn Brown and her rumored girlfriend spent some time together in Flagstaff, Arizona recently. The Sister Wives star’s rumored girlfriend took to her Instagram to share several photos of herself hanging out with Gwendlyn. The photos were a bit blurry, but it was clearly the rumored lovebirds spending some time together.

Gwendlyn Brown Instagram

The Instagram post was a bit mysterious

With nothing more than the word “nice” as the caption, the Instagram post revealed absolutely no information regarding what the pair were doing beyond spending some time together. A few swipes in, it appeared they were celebrating something as they had an Oreo cake with a “69” candle on top. The choice in candle just further fuels the rumors Gwendlyn Brown and this young woman are actually dating.

Gwendlyn Brown Instagram

Things got a bit bizarre in the comment section when Gwendlyn as well as everyone else left nothing more than the word “nice” as a comment. The comment section was completely flooded with the word “nice.” There was, however, one comment from someone asking if Gwen and her friend were a couple. The comment did not receive any replies. But, it did receive a few likes. So, it seems there are a few other people following her rumored girlfriend’s Instagram profile wondering the same thing.

Things get a little weird for those who swipe to the end of the collection of photos. The last photo features a ring of dogs sniffing each other’s butts. There is also an up-close snapshot of a dog. And, there is a picture of a sunset.

Gwendlyn Brown Instagram

Gwendlyn Brown and her rumored girlfriend have never been confirmed

As we’ve previously reported, this relationship has never been confirmed. But, Gwen and her rumored girlfriend are extremely flirty in the comments. It, however, is extremely common for the Sister Wives star to flirt with females in the comment section of her Instagram posts as she’s done it before. She even posted on her Instagram Stories once noting that she was the only one allowed to flirt with the women who comment on her Instagram posts.

Do you think Gwendlyn Brown and Angela Chappell are actually dating? Or, do you think they are just friends trolling Sister Wives fans? Share your thoughts on this rumored couple and that delicious-looking oreo cake in the comments down below. And, keep coming back for the latest Sister Wives news.


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