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’90 Day: The Single Life’ Season 2 Premiere Highlights- November 12

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Season 2 of 90 Day: The Single Life has arrived. Returning is Big Ed Brown who actually found love with Liz Woods last season. New additions include Stephanie Matto who is open to meeting someone of either gender, as long as they connect. Coltee’s mom Debbie Johnson is along for the ride and she has a makeover to boot. Darcey Silva’s ex Jesse Meester has joined with his long-distance girlfriend who may look familiar to some.

He has been with Jeniffer Tarazona who also dated Tim Malcolm. It is a make it or break it time for them. Natalie Mordovtseva is in the process of divorcing Mike and seeing what American men are like to date. Finally, Syngin Colchester is no longer with his wife Tania Maduro. He is on his own and anything can and will happen. It’s ride number two for The Single Life.

Big Ed’s 90 Day: The Single Life Transformation, Natalie’s Newfound Independence

Why is Ed back? Didn’t he and Liz get engaged? To get to the end, one must start at the beginning. Ed realizes it is time to undergo a transformation. He wants to go back to who he was before the whole Rosemarie/Liz debacle. So, he decided to cut his hair off. It is a big change but one hundred times better. Of course, he has to reflect on where his relationships went wrong. He has lost 25 pounds and wants to attract older women between the ages of 38-44. So, it’s an evolution for him. No more hair dye and mayo.

Credit: Natalie Mordovtseva IG
Credit: Natalie Mordovtseva IG

Natalie is now living in Florida after leaving Mike six months ago. She chose it because the name “St. Petersburg” reminded her of home. The idea of being on the beach with all of the hot people also did not hurt. She is spending the fourth of July on the beach with her friend Julia and has no problem making friends wherever she goes. It is still hard without Mike especially since they were so much in love. She does wish him happiness.

Though she and Michael are not officially divorcing, they are separated and will date other people. What does Natalie want in a partner? She is looking for a very big man who she can control. That is her goal. She needs to feel in control at all times. Natalie wants someone who will marry her, give her babies, and let her control absolutely everything. Will she find that on this journey?

The Return Of Jesse Meester

He’s back again. The last time 90 Day fans saw Jesse was when he did a small cameo on Darcey and Stacey. Darcey’s fiance Georgi video called Jesse in retaliation for Darcey contacting his ex-wife Octavia. After Jesse’s courtship with Darcey, he has found himself in Russia working in marketing. He deems himself the complete package. Jesse sees where his relationship with Darcey went wrong as he tried to make it work even when it was doomed. Yet, he does not regret it and does not want to be a playboy.

Credit: Jesse Meester IG
Credit: Jesse Meester IG

Next up on his travel list is heading to Colombia where he will meet up with a woman he has been talking to. They have a connection like no other and he cannot wait to meet her. Enter Jeniffer who viewers may remember from dating Tim Malcolm.

Jeniffer feels connected to Jesse because they both had messy experiences with Americans but she is very attracted to him. She reached out to him via social media in 2018 and it took him a year to respond. Now that he has, it just clicked. She feels like a schoolgirl with him. Of course, she’s been hiding a secret from him – Jeniffer has been seeing another man.

Debbie’s Turn On 90 Day: The Single Life

Technically, this is Debbie Johnson’s second season as she played a major role last time around. Her son Colt was looking for his forever after and found it with Vanessa Guerra. The couple still lives with Debbie. She thought that at almost seventy, she would be living the grandma life but she is ready to get back out there. Debbie absolutely admits she is a helicopter mom who has no problem telling her son when he is wrong.

Credit: Debbie Johnson IG
Credit: Debbie Johnson IG

She thought both Larissa and Jess were wrong and now Vanessa is right but Debbie feels like she broke up with her son. Now, she wants to play the field. Still, she needs confidence. She is on two dating apps and has been catfished three times. Debbie meets her friends to talk about her dating misadventures and admits she met up with a guy the month prior. On their second date, they were intimate and it had been a long time for her. She is a riot retelling the story.

He said she talked too much while she explained he was just horrible at bedroom activities. She is giving it a year before she will resign herself to being alone with her cats. When she gets home, she is back to swiping left and right as Colt and Vanessa are down in the kitchen. Now that they are married and Debbie is pursuing her own dating life, they think it best to get their own place. They explain since the lease is up in three months, that’s when they will be leaving. This does not sit well with Debbie. She better find a new suitor quick.

Stephanie Bakes Up Some Love

Stephanie tried with Erika but it just was not the same in person as it was online. After talking for a long time, Stephanie Matto flew to Australia to meet up with Erika. She even risked her health. Sadly, the flame fizzled and she decided to come back to New York and remain celibate. Despite the fact that her YouTube persona is somewhat of a sexy vibe, Steph admits she’s more of a potato in a real life. With her health back on track, she is feeling the way she has waited and wanted to feel. Now, she is ready to meet someone new and is going out on a date with a guy named Dave who she met on an app.

[Credit: Stephanie Matto/Instagram]
[Credit: Stephanie Matto/Instagram]
The vibe was great via text so she is hoping this can translate to more. She struggled with her sexuality and being honest during Before the 90 Days. Now, on 90 Day: The Single Life, she is putting it all out there with Dave. She is completely honest that she is bisexual and admits her worst dating decision was with Erika. However, during the date, Stephanie ends up putting Dave in the friend zone.

Stephanie meets up with two friends to share she is in remission and they are thrilled. She also shares she is feeling sexual again but Dave was not the guy for her at all. They believe she is a new person so it will take a special person to understand this. It might just end up being their hairdresser Stephanie who Steph has formed a connection. Firstly, she will be meeting with a sex coach named Ashley.

Dating On 90 Day: The Single Life

Ed heads off to Vegas to see his daughter and to get away from Liz. He reveals he has a date with a woman, Mia, in her forties. His daughter is shocked. He is so nervous prepping for his date that he keeps calling Mia by Liz’s name in the interviews. Meanwhile, in Colombia, Jeniffer breaks the news to her Colombian flame that she wants to pursue things with Jesse. He gets super jealous and says he won’t give up that easily.

Credit: Jeniffer Tarazona IG
Credit: Jeniffer Tarazona IG

Natalie is going out with her friends to explore more of the nightlife. The men overwhelm her but everyone is happy she came out with them. This will not be an easy ride whatsoever. Time for Ed’s big date. They go swing dancing and Mia loves his personality. She engages him in conversation. Unfortunately for her, she asks him about relationships and he starts to cry talking about Liz.

Still to come this season: Jesse has touched down in Colombia so he and Jeniffer will learn if it’s love or lust. Vanessa sets Debbie up on a blind date while Natalie goes on a date with a party animal. Finally, Tania and Syngin officially call it quits. Watch 90 Day: The Single Life every Friday, only on discovery+.

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