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‘Below Deck’ Fans React To Captain Sean Meagher

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Below Deck Season 9 premiered on Monday night. So far, first officer Eddie Lucas was the only familiar face on board the My Seanna. Captain Lee Rosbach didn’t make it to the first charter due to a medical condition. In his place was Captain Sean Meagher.

TV Shows Ace previously reported Eddie’s reaction to Captain Lee’s replacement. He called it “a s*** show” and fans agree. Some fans took to Twitter to share their thoughts. Some of them thought he looked like Mr. Bean, while others noticed he micromanages like Captain Sandy Yawn. However, most were creeped out by him.

Did Captain Sean flirt with Chef Rachel Hargrove?

Below Deck fans noticed something weird happen during the premiere. Most of the crew members arrived except for Chef Rachel Hargrove. She arrived fashionably late in an all-white ensemble. Fans praised the controversial chef for her red hair.

Rachel just ended her last relationship. So, she’s probably single and ready to mingle. But is her next relationship with Captain Sean Meagher? He couldn’t help but check her out when she arrived at the dock.

Not only does Captain Sean interfere with the crew’s affairs, but he has a relaxed approach to leadership. Some couldn’t help but notice how he interacted with Rachel in the galley. The following day, Captain Sean watched her as she cooked breakfast and asked her, “How do you always look so glam?”

[Credit: YouTube]
[Credit: YouTube]
Keep in mind, it’s only the second day of charter. Rachel responded, “Practice.” In another scene, she talks to him in a funny voice and dances in front of him. Captain Sean laughs as he continues to watch her. Fans couldn’t help but notice the weird interaction going on between the two.

It’s rare for a captain to hit on a crew member. Usually, it’s the crew members who are hooking up with one another. For a captain to want to hook up with a crew member, it’s like crossing the line. Fans took notice of this odd scene and sounded off on social media.

Below Deck fans share their thoughts on Captain Lee’s replacement

Captain Sean hasn’t won many Below Deck fans over. Some of them couldn’t help but notice how creepy he is. What didn’t help was his appearance on Watch What Happens Live. During a segment, host Andy Cohen asked Sean if he would like it if the chef said, “Eat my c***er.” Sean said he would like that kind of language in the bedroom only.

  • “Ok, new captain is #CreepyDaddy.”
  • “This new Captain is giving me creepy Maniac Matt vibes.”
  • “#BelowDeck sorry Bravo HR department needs to have a chat with Captain Sean. Dude is Creepy AF. #WWHL.”
  • This captain Sean dude is creepy!! Hurry up [Captain Lee Rosbach] I can’t take a hour of the Sean dude.”
  • Is Captain Sean from middle Earth? Dude is giving me creepy HOBBIT vibes….just saying.”

What are your thoughts? Do you agree that Captain Sean is creepy? Or do you feel that fans should give him a chance? Sound off below in the comments.

Below Deck airs Mondays at 9 p.m. ET on Bravo.

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