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Derek Hough Reveals He’s The Victim Of An Attempted Robbery

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Wow, talk about a close call! Many stars have scary encounters with fans, but now DWTS judge Derek Hough has his own story to share. He recently revealed on Instagram that he’s the recent victim of an attempted robbery!

Derek Hough reveals that a thief attempted to steal some DWTS memorabilia

According to the Dancing With The Stars judge’s Instagram story, the break-in occurred on October 17.

But what did the thieves want?

Derek Hough suspects the burglar was just an obsessive fan because they targeted his Mirrorball Trophies.

Hayley Erbert/Instagram

The 36-year-old dancer won Dancing With The Stars six times during his run as a pro dancer. He has plenty of Mirrorball Trophies to spare, but that doesn’t mean he wants to share!

Derek broke it all down in his Instagram story.

“Check this out, this is some awesome news. So I have my six Mirrorball Trophies outside the theater in a display case and I guess there was an attempted robbery,” he informed fans. “But instead, they just broke the ‘D’ and they stole the ‘With.’ So now it’s just ‘Ancing The Stars.’ ‘Ancing the Stars!’”

He laughed it off before adding, “Anyways, whoever took it, I hope you enjoy it. All love, all good stuff. I just thought it was kinda funny. ‘Ancing The Stars.’” His girlfriend Hayley Erbert can be heard chuckling too.

If Derek Hough is anxious or upset about the burglary, he isn’t showing it.

The judge has an encounter with COVID-19 during his travels

Right now, Derek is splitting his time between Las Vegas and Los Angeles. He films DWTS in LA and also has his stage performance throughout the week in Vegas. Needless to say, there’s a lot of back and forth for this judge.

Derek Hough was noticeably absent from the October 4 episode of DWTS. It’s possible he came into contact with COVID-19 during his travels and he chose to sit out due to an abundance of caution. Thankfully, everything was fine and Derek was back behind the judges’ table the following week.

Fans hope there won’t be any more close calls for Derek or any of the other judges. We’ve all been through a lot over the past two years!

Dancing With The Stars will be back for another exciting episode on Monday night. The theme is Horror Night and you can expect to see Derek Hough and the rest of the cast in fun, themed costumes to celebrate Halloween. If you haven’t had a chance to check out the setlist, you can do that here.

Don’t forget to tune in and catch the latest episode of Dancing With The Stars! We’ll be here to keep you filled in.

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