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Todd Chrisley FINALLY Meets His Match: A Store With Nothing To Buy

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Chase Chrisley may have done something previously thought unachievable. He found a store his father didn’t want to buy anything from. Todd Chrisley loves to shop and is a self-professed connoisseur of the finer things in life. Chase too isn’t someone you would normally see in a sporting goods store, so fans knew something was up when he took his dad.

The fact there is nothing for him to buy is funny to fans.  People were introduced to the Chrisley’s going to fashion shows and talking about what Savannah was going to wear. They are a very fashion-forward family. In a new clip from a recent episode of Growing Up Chrisley, Chase has brought his father to a sporting goods store. He doesn’t let on why they are there or what they will be doing after.

Chase Impressed His Todd Chrisley

In the clip posted to the USA Instagram for the show, Todd Chrisley says, “why would you bring me to a store like this?” He tells him he’s impressed because there isn’t a thing in the store he would buy. While Todd is being truthful about the store, Chase isn’t upset he doesn’t care for it. He knows what they need, and what the day has in store for them.

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Thinking he was being clever, Chase convinced Todd they were going to go hiking and that if they wear camouflage it will keep the bugs away. Turns out, they are going duck hunting with Emmy Medders, Chase’s girlfriend’s family. Her brothers wanted Chase and his father to come to get to know them better. Todd isn’t a fan of guns or hunting and he made sure everyone knew it. He sabotages most of the hunt and talks about his pet ducks. Todd spoke fondly of Duckie and Mackie. He says, “I came to hike, not be an accessory to murder.” Todd yelled and made sure the ducks didn’t come anywhere near enough to get shot.

Fans Thought The Episode Was Hilarious

Chase knew if he told  Todd Chrisley what they were doing, he’d never come. One fan took offense to the clip in the store saying, “Todd! Why do you like putting Chase down? I love ya man, but come on.” Some fans said he was acting self-centered going into a story and complaining. Another fan joked, “they are not the men to go hunting. Chase couldn’t kill a slow roach.”

At the end of the disastrous hunting trip, both of Emmy’s brothers and Chase decided not to invite Todd anymore. What did you think of Todd in the store? Did you picture Chase as someone who would go duck hunting? Comment with your thoughts down below.

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