Chase Chrisley BLASTED For Unhygienic Manners: See Photo

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Chase Chrisley is getting flak from Chrisley Knows Best fans again after the show’s official Instagram page outed him displaying some ‘unhygienic’ behavior. What’s got viewers’ knickers in a twist? Get the dirty details below.

Chase Tries to Floss His Goods In Sunday Morning Photo

Chase Chrisley wouldn’t be Chase Chrisley without his inflated sense of ego. Having said that, he clearly had no idea what he was in for when posing for a photo on the family’s couch. In the latest post from the official @Chrisley_Usa Instagram, the star dressed in a pair of bottom cuffed skinny leg slacks and a heather-colored sweater. The young Chrisley lounged lengthwise on the expensive twill-colored couch, legs splayed wide. Chase looks coyly toward the camera, trying to look suave with one white sneakered foot on the very expensive couch. Unfortunately, fans were not impressed with what they deemed ‘disgusting’ behavior.

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Chase Chrisley Is Getting The Third Degree

So, what’s the sitch? Apparently, followers are pissed about his lack of consideration for… the furniture. Nope, not kidding. The fact that Chase Chrisley struck a pose that planted his crisp yet somehow ‘filthy’ white sneaker on the light-colored couch bothered fans to such a degree that they could not refrain from blasting the celeb in the comment section.

“I don’t care if the shoes are fresh. No feet on the couch,” said one viewer. Another piped in by threatening to rat Chase out to his mother for disgracing her furniture. “Shoes off the couch, Chase or I’m telling Julie,” they quipped. 

Chase Chrisley, Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

In addition to a plethora of shade getting thrown at Chase Chrisley for putting his foot on the couch, several commenters had additional shade to throw at the young celeb. One page follower mused about whether or not Chase actually had a job. “I love the chrissleys [sic,]” the commenter said, “but does this kid have a real job?” Another fan took the opportunity to point out that they felt Chase had gained a lot of weight.

Dad’s In Trouble Too!

While the voracious fans were tearing Chase a new one in the comment section of the post, none of them mentioned the fact that beloved family patriarch, Todd Chrisley was the one behind the camera. In the caption accompanying the post, there was a tiny camera emoji and a tag for Todd’s account on Instagram, denoting that the page is giving him credit for taking the photo. Clearly, if Dad took the photo, the shoe on the couch was a non-issue, despite several fans vehemently calling the celeb out for his behavior.

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