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Wait, Are Jinger & Jeremy Vuolo Desperate For Cash?!

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In the past, Jinger and Jeremy Vuolo relied on TLC’s Counting On for income. They have also hosted a podcast, sold hats and candles, wrote a book, and so much more. Since the pair lives in Los Angeles, California, fans often wonder how they pay the bills. After a recent decision by TLC, Jinger and Jeremy will have to find a new way to make ends meet.

Counting On is officially canceled by TLC.

Recently, TLC made the decision to cancel the Duggar family’s showCounting On, following the arrest of Josh. The network wants to give the family an opportunity to work through these issues privately. Though Josh wasn’t on the show, it was canceled. It’s possible that it was canceled for another reason though.

Now, following the cancelation of Counting On, Jinger and Jeremy appear to be trying something new. What is the Duggar couple up to now?

Jeremy Vuolo Instagram
Jeremy Vuolo Instagram

Jinger & Jeremy Vuolo try another business venture.

On Instagram, Jeremy promoted a video he uploaded to the @Religion page on TikTok. It looks like Jeremy has taken over the account with the intention of “sharing gospel hope.” So, he has shared several videos about Christianity on that page.

Similarly, Jinger made her second TikTok debut. First, a few months ago, she uploaded one video to an account featuring just her name. Now, she’s uploading content to an account called @Amazed.

Now, there’s speculation that Jinger and Jeremy may have bought those usernames with plans to grow their followings and sell them later on.

In a new Instagram post, Katie Joy of Without a Crystal Ball talks about Jinger and Jeremy’s venture. She writes, “Jinger Vuolo started the page ‘amazed’ on TikTok. They have apparently started 4 pages – people are thinking they are building up a following to sell the pages.”

In response, one user writes, “I wonder how much money they paid for those handles… religion & amazed?” Since those are very simple usernames, they were likely already taken on the platform. It seems possible that Jinger and Jeremy will try to rack up a bunch of followers by using their names to promote these new accounts. They have already shared their TikTok videos from these accounts to their Instagram pages, where they will get more attention.

If Jinger and Jeremy get many followers on @Amazed and @Religion, someone may be willing to buy those accounts from them. Katie Joy and many others believe that the couple should switch to another social platform.

So, do you think it looks like Jinger and Jeremy Vuolo are strapped for cash? Do you think they will take on another business venture soon? Let us know in the comments below.

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