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Wait, Why Was Jeremy Vuolo Silenced On TikTok?

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Jeremy Vuolo isn’t doing so well with his latest social media shift to TikTok. As we reported last week, he took over the @Religion account on the social media platform and was immediately dragged for the content he shared. He’s using the account to talk about Christianity, but he isn’t reaching the audiences he hoped he would be able to.

Jeremy’s currently in school to become a pastor. On social media, he often talks about religion. While this may work on Instagram or Twitter, TikTok is much different. So, he’s already received plenty of backlash there. Viewers didn’t like how he preached about his religion. One of his recent videos took so much heat that it was eventually taken down. So, what happened?

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Jeremy Vuolo’s TikTok career plummets

In an Instagram post, Katie Joy of Without a Crystal Ball points out that one of Jeremy’s videos is missing from his TikTok page. There are still several videos there, but one is clearly missing, based on the screenshots Katie shared.

In her post, Katie writes, “Jeremy Vuolo’s video about ‘what does it mean to believe in Jesus’ was removed by TikTok 🧐Looks like the peeps are busy reporting him. In the video he told people they were wrong if they believed good works would get them to heaven. He also pushed his Calvinist beliefs – which I’m guessing upset some.”

It’s unclear whether TikTok removed the video due to viewers reporting it or if Jeremy took it down due to the criticism he received. Nonetheless, the video is no longer on his TikTok account. Katie seems to be convinced TikTok removed the video. After all, many people reported the post and Jeremy’s account.

In response to Katie’s post, several of her followers are chiming in to say that they had reported Jeremy’s post. One writes, “Did I see this post and then go to tiktok and report the account for ‘hate speech’, yes yes I did.”

Katie Joy @WithoutaCrystalBall

We’ll have to see what happens next with Jeremy’s TikTok career. It may be short-lived if his content continues to be reported and he gets even more criticism. He and Jinger may pursue a different social media platform in that case.

So, are you surprised that Jeremy Vuolo is being silenced on TikTok? Do you think he will continue to post there despite the backlash? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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  1. why are people so against religion? If you want to be religious and talk about it you should be able to without anyone trying to hate you or get you knocked off a social platform if you don’t want to be or talk religion then just delete for yourself and let others see the posts. you don’t need to get them kicked off.

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