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Matt Roloff Snubs Nearly ALL His Children, Is Zach His Favorite?! 

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Matt Roloff recently snubbed nearly ALL of his children making it clear Zach and Tori are his current favorites of the family. How exactly did the TLC personality snub all of his children but Zach? Keep reading, we’ll explain.

Matt Roloff asks for prayers

As we previously reported, the LPBW star took to Instagram late last night to ask for prayers. He was currently in a scary situation involving his parents and scary medical challenges. Matt admitted he was headed out early in the morning to visit his parents and see if they needed anything.

It was unclear if anyone was traveling with him. Noticeably, he tagged his girlfriend Caryn Chandler at the end of the post. He also attempted to tag Zach and Tori Roloff. But, he was not successful in tagging them properly.

LPBW - Zach Roloff - Matt Roloff - Youtube
LPBW Youtube

He snubs his other children, Zach Roloff declared the favorite?

Zach Roloff was the only child Matt tagged in the caption. Fans can’t help but wonder why he didn’t tag Jeremy, Jacob, or Molly. Wouldn’t they want to be updated on the health of their grandparents as well? Some fans took this to be Matt snubbing his other children. Matt Roloff wasn’t successful in tagging Zach and Tori. But, he didn’t even try to tag his other children.

Some LPBW fans take this to be confirmation Zach is, indeed, Matt’s favorite child. This is something most TLC viewers have believed for a while. Zach Roloff, his wife Tori, and their two children spend all sorts of time on Roloff Farms. Jackson is always hanging out with Matt and Caryn. Matt doesn’t spend nearly as much time with Jeremy, Audrey, and their children. Likewise, he seems to spend even less time with Jacob and Molly.

LPBW - Matt Roloff - Jackson - Zach - youtube
LPBW Youtube

Zach Roloff is also being primed as the person to replace Matt on Roloff Farms. But, some LPBW fans question if this is the best move. Zach’s wife has been blasted as being a lazy diva. She made it know she’s only interested in doing easy jobs around the property that do not involve getting dirty. Many LPBW fans just don’t think she and Zach are cut out to manage the property. They suspect Jeremy and Audrey or Jacob and Isabel would be better candidates to take over the property.

Matt Roloff Facebook
Matt Roloff Facebook

Do you think Matt Roloff meant to snub his other children? Is Zach Roloff his favorite? Share your thoughts with us in the comments. And, keep coming back to TvShowsAce for the latest on the Roloff family.

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